Animal Experiences at SeaWorld San Diego

Animal Tours & In-Water Programs

  • Dolphin Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego

    Dolphin Encounter

    If you love dolphins as much as we do, join us for this exclusive trainer-guided, poolside opportunity to meet, feed and learn to communicate with dolphins.

  • Killer whale

    Killer Whales Up-Close Tour

    Want to get up-close to the most amazing ocean ambassador?
    The Killer Whales Up-Close Tour is temporarily unavailable.

  • Beluga Interaction Program SeaWorld San Diego

    Beluga Interaction Program

    Meet the gentle beluga whale in the waters of their naturalistic habitat, and learn why their cheery calls have nicknamed them “the canary of the sea.”
    The Beluga Interaction Program is temporarily unavailable.

  • Beluga and Walrus Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego

    Beluga and Walrus Encounter

    Ever dream of interacting with a beluga whale or walrus? Discover what makes animals from the coldest areas of the planet amazing in this unique interactive behind-the-scenes encounter.
    The Beluga and Walrus Encounter is temporarily unavailable.

  • Family Adventure Tour at SeaWorld San Diego

    Family Adventure Tour

    Begin an adventure where your kids will play to learn about some of the curious animals that call SeaWorld home. You and your family will visit Explorer’s Reef, meet bat rays, interact with moon jelly fish, and connect with our dolphins all before the park opens.
    The Family Adventure Tour is temporarily unavailable.

  • Sea Otter Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego

    Sea Otter Encounter

    What do sea otters eat for breakfast? Join us, before the park opens, to find out! These fun and lively animals are sure to put a smile on your face first thing in the morning.
    The Sea Otter Encounter is temporarily unavailable.

  • Seal and Sea Lion Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego

    Seal and Sea Lion Encounter

    Are you ready to meet some four-flippered friends? Go behind-the-scenes at Sea Lion Point and have an up-close encounter with one.
    The Seal and Sea Lion Encounter is temporarily unavailable.

  • Swim with Dolphins SeaWorld San Diego

    Dolphin Interaction Program

    One of the best places to swim with dolphins in California is right here at SeaWorld San Diego, where you can share an unforgettable interaction.
    The Dolphin Interaction Program is temporarily unavailable.

  • Private Tours

    VIP Private Tours

    If you love animals, shows, rides or love them all, book one of these immersive VIP tours. Each includes a 2-Day Ticket to SeaWorld San Diego.
    VIP Private Tours are temporarily unavailable.