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Exclusive Tour Experiences

  • Behind the scenes tour

    Behind-the-Scenes Tour

    Touch a shark, interact with a penguin, and explore our animal hospital on our Behind-the-Scenes Tour!

  • Dolphins Up Close Tour

    Dolphins Up-Close Tour

    Have you ever dreamed of meeting the ocean’s most playful ambassador? Find yourself face-to-face with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins during this incredible 60 minute hands-on tour. You will learn first-hand from our trainers about behaviors, communication, and the world-class care we provide for these amazing animals.

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

    Expedition SeaWorld: A Guided Tour

    Whether you are a first-time guest or repeat visitor, you can fill your day with memories for a lifetime on the Expedition SeaWorld guided tour. From animal encounters and reserved show seating to delicious meals and thrilling attractions, your expert tour guide will lead you from one adventure to the next during your six hour tour.

  • Penguin Tour Interaction

    Penguins Up-Close Tour

    Don’t miss your chance to chill out with the coolest birds at SeaWorld. During your 45-minute adventure at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®, you will meet one of our incredible birds and learn all about their care from our animal experts.

  • Sharks Underwater Grill

    Private VIP Tour

    Enjoy a 7 hour guided, private group tour including a meal at Sharks Underwater Grill®, Unlimited Quick Queue, Reserved Show Seating, animal interactions and more!

  • Sea Lion Uo Close Tour

    Sea Lions Up-Close Tour

    Find yourself face-to-face with our personable pinnipeds for a special photo opportunity followed by an exciting feeding session at Pacific Point Preserve.

  • Sharks Up Close Tour

    Sharks Up-Close Tour

    Separate shark fact from fiction as you explore their incredible diversity and design. Dare to peer down into our 700,000-gallon aquarium to discover how we care for these perfect predators. Then, touch a small shark and find out why these ancient species need our help now more than ever.

  • Wild Artic Tour

    Wild Arctic Animals Up-Close Tour

    Ever dream of interacting with animals such as walrus, seals or beluga whales? Join us on our Wild Arctic® Animals Up-Close Tour to make your dreams come true!