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Exclusive Tour Experiences

  • Dolphins Up Close Tour

    Dolphins Up-Close Tour

    Have you ever dreamed of meeting the ocean’s most playful ambassador? Find yourself face-to-face with bottlenose dolphins during this incredible hands-on tour.

  • Begular Whale Tour

    Beluga Whales Up-Close Tour

    Meet one of the coolest animals in our park, the beluga whale! Join us poolside in our beluga's backstage habitat to participate in a hands-on care and training session with one of the ocean's most beautiful mammals.

  • Sharks Up Close Tour

    Sharks Up-Close Tour

    Separate fact from fiction as you explore the incredible diversity and design of sharks. Dare to peer down into our 700,000-gallon aquarium to discover how we care for these perfect predators. Then, touch a small shark, feed several species in the shark shallows, and find out why these ancient species need our help now more than ever.

  • See Killer Whales from a different point of view at the underwater viewing window.

    Killer Whale Up-Close Tour

    Are you left speechless after one of our killer whale shows? Then go beyond what you see and get up-close to our most amazing ocean ambassador!

  • Sharks Underwater Grill

    Private VIP Tour

    Enjoy a guided, private group tour including front-of-line access to rides, VIP seating at our signature shows, animal interactions and more!

  • Dolphin Encounter

    Dolphin Encounter

    See how we care for our dolphins, participate in a training session, then touch and feed a dolphin on this program.

  • Penguin Tour Interaction

    Penguins Up-Close Tour

    The waddling wonders known as the SeaWorld penguins are waiting to hang out with some new friends. During your adventure at Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®, you will meet one of our incredible birds and learn all about their care from our animal experts.

  • SeaWorld Orlando Family Adventure Tour

    Family Adventure Tour

    A tour the entire family will love: play with young dolphins, meet a penguin, and make a friend at Sesame Street Land!

  • SeaWorld Orlando Walrus Tour

    Walrus Up-Close Tour

    Ever dream of meeting a walrus face-to-face? Or what it would sound like as they slump a fish from your hands? Do this and more on this unique interactive, behind-the-scenes tour! And discover for yourself what makes this mammoth marine mammal so magnificent.

  • Sea Lion Uo Close Tour

    Sea Lions Up-Close Tour

    Find yourself face-to-face with our personable pinnipeds for a special photo opportunity followed by an exciting feeding session at Pacific Point Preserve.

  • Behind the scenes tour

    Behind-the-Scenes Tour

    Touch a shark, interact with a penguin, and explore how our park works on this Behind-the-Scenes Up-Close Tour!

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