Light Up The Night

  • Club Sea Glow at Electric Ocean SeaWorld Orlando

    All New! Club Sea Glow

  • Fireworks at SeaWorld San Diego

    All New! Ignite Fireworks

  • Glow bar

    All New! Glow Bar

  • Anemone Avenue

    All New! Anemone Avenue

  • Moon Jellyfish Canopy

    All New! Moon Jellyfish Canopy

  • Electric floating acts

    All New! Electric Floating Acts

  • Stephen Fishwick

    All New! Stephen Fishwick’s Art Attack!

  • Static Shock

    All New! Static Shock Rock Show

  • Cirque Neon World

    All New! Cirque Neon World

  • brass band

    All New! High Voltage Brass Band

  • Laser Reef

    Laser Reef Light Show

  • giants of the deep

    Giants of the Deep

  • Time Surf Tunnel

    Time-Surf Tunnel

  • School of Glow

    School of Glow

  • Sea of Life

    Sea of Life

Before the Sun Sets

  • Let's Play Together show at SeaWorld San Diego

    All New! Let's Play Together

  • Electric Eel at SeaWorld San Diego

    Rides & Roller Coasters

  • SeaWorld San Diego Dolphin

    Amazing Animal Exhibits

  • Orca Encounter Presentation at SeaWorld San Diego

    Animal Presentations

  • Sesame Street Bay of Play at SeaWorld San Diego

    Sesame Street Bay of Play

  • With plenty of outdoor seating, you are in for a treat with a wide variety of chef-designed food items

    Delicious Dining Experiences

  • beer at seaworld

    Local Craft Brews, Wine & More

  • Shops at SeaWorld San Diego

    SeaWorld Shopping