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Animal Experiences

Make a Connection and Help us Save Animals in the Wild

SeaWorld is home to many amazing animals. Make a connection and swim alongside a dolphin, beluga whale or sea lion.

Learn more about our animal ambassadors at the Animal Conservation Center and see research in action with living coral at Explorer’s Reef.
  • Dolphin Swim

    Dolphin Swim

    When we nearly doubled the size of our Dolphin Lagoon, we reserved a special area in its shallows for just such once-in-a-lifetime experiences in hopes of inspiring an even deeper understanding and appreciation for these magnificent animals.

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  • Beluga Swim

    Beluga Whale Swim

    Our SeaWorld San Antonio beluga whale swim is one of the only immersive programs of its kind in the world, giving our guests a chance to get to meet these amazing animals up close.

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  • Sea Lion Swim

    Sea Lion Swim

    During your swim, you’ll get to play the role of an animal ambassador in training, interacting with sea lions both in and out of the water.

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  • Penguin Encounter

    Penguin Interaction

    Following an educational briefing from one of our educators, you will enter a charming and chilly world where you’ll encounter more than 100 penguins of various types, including the regal king penguin. Join us and enjoy the show as our penguins waddle and swim among the rocky cliffs and icy water of this wonderfully realistic habitat.

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  • Dolphin Encounter

    Dolphin Encounter

    Dolphin Encounter is an exclusive tour with an animal trainer and friendly Bottlenose dolphins at Discovery Point.

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  • Alligator Alley

    Alligator Alley

    Check out those chompers! American Alligators are living reflections of prehistoric times, but did you know they are native to Eastern Texas marshes and streams?

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  • Conservation Center

    Animal Conservation Center

    Meet fascinating animals, as well as the people who care for them, in a place designed to serve the cause of conservation by entertaining, informing and inspiring.

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  • Discovery Point

    Discovery Point

    SeaWorld's Discovery Point is a tucked-away oasis within SeaWorld San Antonio. Here, an expansive Dolphin Lagoon is home to a playful pod of bottlenose dolphins.

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  • Explorer's Reef

    Explorer's Reef

    Sharks and living coral reefs are two of the most mysterious and misunderstood ocean inhabitants, yet they are also very important to ocean health.

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  • Pacific Point

    Pacific Point Preserve

    Pacific Point Preserve is an immersive experience that has the look and feel of a Pacific coast town where guests make powerful connections with sea lions and other coastal wildlife.

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