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What's New at SeaWorld

Check out what's new at SeaWorld in 2017, plus get a sneak peek at Infinity Falls, coming in 2018.

  • Kraken

    The legend comes to life with virtual reality

    Hang on tight for Kraken Unleashed, the new virtual reality experience aboard SeaWorld’s famous floorless coaster. Race through underwater canyons and the deep, dark hunting grounds of the legendary sea monster. The mythical world is made real on this thrilling virtual reality experience. One of the many amazing new attractions at SeaWorld Orlando. 

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  • Pop

    Prepare to be blown away

    Celebrate another side of the sea, as SeaWorld and Bubble Legendary present Pop.  World-renowned bubble master Fan Yang combines the wonder of the natural world with his amazing bubble artistry. Watch him recreate colorful sea vents and other ocean brilliance at our Bubble Show, one of the many amazing new attractions at SeaWorld Orlando. 

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  • Electric Ocean

    Put a charge in your evenings

    When the sun goes down, the night comes to life at SeaWorld’s new Electric Ocean spectacular. Immerse yourself in exotic worlds of light and music in this family-friendly event. With awe-inspiring lasers and nightly fireworks, Electric Ocean brings a full line-up of amazing fun to SeaWorld Orlando.

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  • Dolphin Nursery

    A whole new view of dolphins

    Get nose to bottlenose with a dolphin calf at SeaWorld’s new Dolphin Nursery. The underwater viewing window brings you closer than ever to see dolphin calves jump, play and communicate with their moms. The Dolphin Nursery is one of the many amazing new attractions at SeaWorld Orlando.

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Light Blue

Infinity Falls

Hang on as the roaring world class rapids send you flying through chutes before you plunge down the tallest drop of its kind into churning whitewater.

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Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando