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SeaWorld Rescue Tour

Get a chance to tour SeaWorld’s Rescue facility and explore how SeaWorld has cared for over 40,000 rescued animals for more than 50 years. On this 30 minute tour, guests will have the opportunity to see manatees and sea turtles while learning how SeaWorld rescues and cares for the animals.

SeaWorld Orlando Rescue Experience FAQs

Does SeaWorld rescue animals?

SeaWorld wild animal rescue teams are on call 24/7/365 to rescue ill, injured, or orphaned marine life and provide them with the expert care they need. We partner with multiple government agencies, conservationists, stranding networks, and zoological facilities to provide this vital service.

Are SeaWorld Rescue Tours kid-friendly?

Absolutely! Kids love the behind-the-scenes look at our wild animal rescue teams and facilities. Kids are fascinated by the marine wildlife we rescue, how we care for them, and our work to release them back into the wild.

What’s the best way to see animals at SeaWorld?

There are many excellent animal presentations at SeaWorld that provide unique opportunities to see the animals in action. But our interactive animal experiences and tours let you get close-up with insider access and information.

Does SeaWorld return rescued animals to the wild?

Yes, the primary goal of SeaWorld wild animal rescue is to rehabilitate injuries and then release healthy animals back into the wild. Any animals that cannot recover fully for release are given life-long care.

What animals are at SeaWorld Rescue Tours?

See manatees and sea turtles among others on this wild animal rescue tour at SeaWorld. We take in ill, injured, and orphaned marine life to rehabilitate the animals and return them to the wild.