Killer Whale Orcas
Killer Whale Up-Close Tour

Come face-to-face with our killer whales during this one-of-a-kind animal experience!

Are you left speechless after our Orca Encounter presentation? Then go beyond what you see and get up-close to our most amazing ocean ambassador!

If you have ever dreamed of meeting a Killer Whale, this once-in-a-lifetime tour of Orca Encounter is for you. After some one-on-one interactions, you’ll pose for a rare photo with these fascinating animals and participate in an exclusive Q&A session with one of our SeaWorld Animal Care Specialists.
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See Killer Whales up-close with a tour or a dining experience.

How SeaWorld benefits

Wild Killer Whales

SeaWorld® helps support animal rescue efforts, with over 40,000 rescues and counting. The research conducted at SeaWorld® helps advance the global scientific community's understanding of animals.
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