Pipeline: The Surf Coaster – Now Open

The world’s first surf coaster!

Feel the awesome power of the ocean in a whole new way on Pipeline, the first-of-its-kind surf coaster. Experience the rush of launching 110 feet up at 60 mph and feeling every bank and curve as though you’re really riding the waves, thanks to innovative dynamic seats that gives you unparalleled freedom of movement. Experience the ultimate thrill with the addition of this seventh coaster to the Coaster Capital of Orlando.
Height Limit
Minimum Height 54"
Height Limit
Maximum Height 78"
Thrill Level High
Ride Type Roller Coaster


Guests 54 inches in height or taller may ride unaccompanied. Guests over 78 inches and under 54 inches may not ride.
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Pipeline The Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

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Pipeline: The Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando FAQs

When is the opening date of the SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline: The Surf Coaster?

The Surf Coaster opened to the public in May 2023 at SeaWorld Orlando as the only surf coaster in the world. 

What is the SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline Surf Coaster?

Pipeline, the Surf Coaster, is a new attraction roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. The Surf Coaster is a one-of-a-kind roller coaster that makes you feel like you're riding waves on a giant surfboard, at speeds over 60 MPH!

What is the minimum height requirement to ride the roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando?

The height requirements for the roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando vary. The height requirement for Pipeline: The Surf Coaster and many other roller coasters is 54 inches.

What are the major roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld Orlando features several exciting roller coasters. The newest roller coaster is Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, where you can experience the incredible force of riding ocean waves as you are propelled 110 feet in the air at 60 mph! Other roller coasters include Mako, Manta, Ice Breaker and Kraken.

Can I enjoy unlimited rides on Pipeline: The Surf Coaster with an Annual Pass?

Yes, an annual pass at SeaWorld Orlando grants you unlimited access to Pipeline: The Surf Coaster and all other attractions within the park for an entire year. With an annual pass, you can experience the thrill of riding Pipeline: The Surf Coaster whenever you like, making it an excellent option for coaster enthusiasts and frequent visitors. The annual pass also offers additional benefits such as discounts on food, merchandise, and special events.

Is the SeaWorld Orlando Pipeline: The Surf Coaster accessible to guests with disabilities?

SeaWorld Orlando aims to accommodate guests with disabilities wherever possible, although the nature of certain rides may impose some limitations. Learn more about our ride accessibility program

Can I bring personal items on the roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando?

For safety reasons, loose articles such as bags, hats, and phones are prohibited on most SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters. However, lockers are available near the ride entrances to store your belongings while you enjoy the coasters.

Can I bring personal items on the roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando?

Absolutely! SeaWorld Orlando offers several upgrade options to enhance your experience. You can consider purchasing Quick Queue passes, which provide expedited access and allow you to skip the regular lines, minimizing wait times. Also, exclusive VIP experiences offer additional perks and privileges, such as front-row seating or behind-the-scenes access. 

Are there any height or age restrictions for SeaWorld Orlando's Pipeline: The Surf Coaster?

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster does have a height and age requirement to ensure rider safety. To ride the Surf Coaster, guests must be under 78 inches tall and over 54 inches to ride unaccompanied.

Are any fast pass or express options available for the roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando?

Yes, SeaWorld Orlando offers Quick Queue passes that allow guests to skip to the front of the regular lines and enjoy expedited access to the roller coasters. With Quick Queue, you can save time and experience more rides during your visit. 

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