Kraken RD Banner Ride SeaWorld's floorless coaster, Kraken

Orlando's only floorless roller coaster

Born from tales that struck terror in sailors for centuries, SeaWorld Orlando's mighty Kraken® is a monster coaster like no other.

Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster – is themed after a massive, mythological underwater beast unleashed from the depths of the sea. Riders’ feet dangle as they travel in open-sided seats, riding on a pedestal above the track at highway speeds to heights of more than 150 feet.


  1. Height Requirement
  2. Thrill
    Ride Type
    Roller Coaster
  3. Thrill
    Thrill Level
Kraken Roller Coaster
Kraken Roller Coaster
Kraken Roller Coaster
Kraken Roller Coaster


Guests must be 54 inches tall to ride. Guests using wheelchairs who would like to ride Kraken® should inform the Team Member at the entrance. He/she will be directed to enter through the exit located to the far left of the entrance and then up the exit ramp to the station. Guests using wheelchairs must transfer from their wheelchair to the ride vehicle.

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