Local Charity Support

Thank you for your interest in our parks! SeaWorld cares about the community. We are excited about creating the next generation of conservationists. To support education and conservation, Florida schools may request a ticket donation to help raise funds to support their mission. Please review our Charitable Giving Guidelines to determine if you qualify.

Requests must be received in their entirety at least 60 days prior to the date of your event and no more than six months in advance.

Please note: We are unable to donate tickets to Discovery Cove.

Because we are committed to conservation and reducing our environmental footprint, all applications for theme park tickets must be made online and within the time frame requested. All other requests for sponsorship or organizational support are by invitation only.

SeaWorld Orlando donates to organizations that:

  • are a Florida school with a need to raise funds to support their mission and

  • complete the donation request form online

SeaWorld Orlando is unable to provide charitable donations to:

  • Schools outside of the state of Florida

  • School groups or organizations that only target a specialized program or smaller group of students (i.e. band, sports team, scholarships, conferences)

  • Any other 501c3 organization that is not a school

For more than 50 years, we have partnered with organizations to create meaningful experiences and inspire our guests to protect animals and preserve the wild wonders of the world.

Please check back soon for more program details.