This special event will feature 8 unique, entirely behind-the-scenes locations, rarely (if ever) visited by members outside of SeaWorld’s Zoological Operations team. Some of these locations have never been accessible to guests in any way – not even through our exclusive VIP tour programs or our incredible week-long SeaWorld Camps – before this event. We are providing truly first-time-ever access into some of the least seen and most interesting portions of our park.

Each location is led by animal care experts and behaviorists within the park*.

* Animals, animal experts, and activities in each area may differ day-to-day. Consult daily park maps for scheduled times. All times and availability are subject to change weather permitting.
  • Inside Look SeaWorld Rescue Center

    1 - SeaWorld Rescue Center

  • Dive Operations at SeaWorld Orlando

    2 - Dive Operations at Manatee Underwater Viewing

  • Inside Look - Manta Aquarium

    3 - Manta® Aquarium

  • Inside Look Shark Myths

    4 - Shark Encounter

  • inside Look - Beluga and Seal Primary Housing

    5 - Beluga & Seal Primary Housing