Siren eyes above the water Siren eyes above the water
Howl-O-Scream Sirens
What is a Siren?

Flame and Frost sirens

Beware the chilling legend of the Siren, a ghastly creature that haunts the depths of the sea. These otherworldly beings, with their seductive allure and horrifying beauty, lurk amidst the rocky isles and treacherous cliffs along haunted coastlines.

In Greek mythology, these Sirens possessed a terrifying power over the elements, their dominion extending to the very waters that held their victims captive. With their enchanting voices, they weaved spellbinding songs, casting an irresistible net of bewitchment upon unsuspecting sailors and explorers.

As the cursed melodies reached the ears of seafarers, they were ensnared in a sinister dance of temptation. Drawn like moths to an unholy flame, their ships were led astray, crashing upon jagged rocks and sinking into the murky depths. The Sirens reveled in the chaos and tragedy, their haunting songs an eerie symphony of doom.

In the twisted tapestry of myths and legends, these Sirens took on monstrous forms. Half-human, half-ghastly bird creatures or terrifying mermaid-like entities, their very presence sent shivers down the spines of those unfortunate enough to encounter them. Their seductive voices and entrancing songs possessed an unholy power, leaving victims spellbound and paralyzed with terror.

The Sirens embody the very essence of Howl-O-Scream, representing the treacherous allure of the unknown. They embody the seductive dance between beauty and danger, drawing in their prey with their captivating appearance and haunting melodies, only to condemn them to a watery grave.

Beware The Sirens



Hailing from the Arctic circle, Frost is the cold-hearted twin to her heat miser sister, Flame. Frost is the most sought after and studied Siren, so to remain a muster, she possesses her hunters with her freezing touch. A kiss to her victim’s lips or forehead immediately forms ice crystals over their brain, causing them to lose all control of their own thoughts and free will. Her victims are never sure of what really hit them and seem to forget what they were ever doing in her cold Icey realm.



Even though she is the twin sister of Frost, the two couldn’t be any different. Flame has an intensity that will light you up. Don’t get too close, or she’ll pull you in and with her passionate exhale, she’ll start a fire from within. The eyes of her victims turn black and empty as she depletes their soul and burns her victims from the inside out.



As the eldest Siren, Darkness looks out for her Siren sisters and the waters around them. She believes any human that disrespects the sea shall pay for what they’ve done. Darkness hunts in the night, while sailing crews are sleeping and the waters are darkest. Each victim is marked with a darkened spot on their palms and with her power over ocean gales and a shoal of Kraken, Darkness captures and devours those recklessly sailing through her realm. Her victim's ships, treasure and soul become hers for the keeping, while they lay to decay on the ocean floor.



Dwelling in the freshwater rivers and swamplands, Hex shares a deep connection not only with the waters but also with the flourishing undergrowth surrounding her. As Hex guards her bayou, these interconnected ecosystems, in turn, heed her call, serving as her protective allies. With a mere touch of her hands, Hex's victims find themselves gasping for air as their bodies become entwined by vine-like tendrils. Beware as the plants within her realm nourish themselves through her victims' flesh and blood.



As the youngest of the Sirens, Scratch grew up watching her older sisters rise to power at the hands of their victims, making her the craziest, most unpredictable among them. Living her afterlife with no limits, Scratch uses her intense allure and seductive skills to gain power quickly and entrance her victims. She draws her victims in and sucks them (almost) dry, gaining strength and beauty from their blood. Those she doesn’t fully drain become her feral vampire followers, forming her army. No one is safe. What Scratch wants, Scratch gets.