Lost Souls Hideaway

New! Lost Souls Hideaway

Dare to visit an exclusive Drag Cabaret, featuring Serpentina Moráy, a fabulous Serpentine Sea Goddess of ancient origin. Serpentina has been luring sailors and fisherman into her lair for centuries, keeping them alive only to consume them when she’s done toying with them. She’s also no fan of those sailor-luring sirens who have ripped off her special talents for their own gains. Serpentina has always used her good looks, her quick wit, and her cunning to get her way, but somehow, she’s ended up in a tiny cocktail club on the ocean floor, literally singing for her supper. Lost Souls Hideaway has exclusive specialty cocktails and desserts available only for the souls brave enough to venture there.

Reservations required. See park hours for showtimes.

This experience is recommended for guests ages 18 and over.

Unlimited Visit Ticket Holders receive FREE admission to Lost Souls Hideaway on Sundays from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.