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More Houses, More Haunts, More Shows -
Only at SeaWorld Orlando's Howl‑O‑Scream

Howl-O-Scream isn’t just back at SeaWorld. It’s bigger and better than ever with ALL-NEW terrors. We know you’re dying to see what horrific haunts will be lurking this fall. You think you know fear? You can only guess what we have in store for you. Don't be afraid to see what's below the surface.

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Haunted Houses

Sirens of the Seas

NEW! Siren of the Seas

This was supposed to be a peaceful pleasure cruise. Now it seems there’s nothing on the itinerary but terror.

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Blood Beckoning

NEW! Blood Beckoning

Beauty comes at a price, and you’re the one paying. These depths are seeping with evil, and she’s out for blood.

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Dead Vines

REIMAGINED! Dead Vines - Root of all Evil

This is no innocent garden stroll. You’ve just wandered into a terrifying realm of ravenous plants and hidden horrors.

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Captains Revenge Drowned in Darkness Logo

Captain’s Revenge –
Drowned in Darkness

One man’s treasure is another man’s terror. Don’t give in to temptation…she won’t let you pillage the sea and get away with it.

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Beneath the Ice Logo

Beneath the Ice

No one has heard from base camp since it was entombed in snow. You’re here to find survivors…but you’ll wish you hadn’t.

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Scare Zones

Terrifying Shows

Themed Bar Experiences

Roaming Haunts

The Sirens

These sirens don’t need to lure you with song. They bring the terror to you.

Siren Minions

Evil craves worship. Don’t fall under the spell of these sinister occult zealots.


Even the trees and plants are after you. Good luck camouflaging your fear.

  • Ice Breaker at twilight

    Coasters in the Dark

    Sit down. Strap in. Hold on for dear life. Now you know where those other screams were coming from. Every moment here drips with fear, and that includes taking pulse-pounding coaster thrills to another level by braving them in the dark. Bring your night of frights to new heights with a mind-blowing Manta ride, a super-soaking trip down Infinity Falls, a spine-chilling hunt on Mako or experience the multi-launches of Ice Breaker. (Weather permitting.)

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