• Ocean Discovery

    Ocean Discovery at Shamu Stadium

    Students are invited to enjoy this high energy, interactive, and educational presentation. Join us to discover what makes killer whales the perfect ocean ambassadors as we highlight their unique adaptions, habitats, and their role in our one ocean. The learning doesn’t stop here! After the show, you and your students can spend a full day exploring animal exhibits and attractions such as Turtle Trek, Manta Aquarium, and Wild Arctic. (available seasonally on specific week days during the school year).

  • Summer Instructional Field Trip Experience (offered seasonally)

    This program is available during the summer and sets the stage for a full day of learning. Students will discover important and interesting facts about some of our aquatic animal friends. What animal uses its teeth to walk? What body part helps dolphins move? Come with us to discover how every animal has unique characteristics. We’ll introduce your students to the wonderful world of animal adaptations with a fun, interactive presentation guaranteed to leave their senses swimming. (available seasonally)

Additional Information

  • Pricing & Confirmations

    $28 per participant (10 paid students minimum)
    One adult chaperone is complimentary for every 10 paid students once the minimum is met. Total chaperone number (including teachers) can not exceed the number of paid students.

    Please download our confirmation packet and curriculum guides. Here you will have all of the information provided.

    • Click here to Download your Confirmation Packet.
    • Click here to Download the Pre K - 5 curriculum guide.
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  • Florida Standards

    SC.K.N.1.2, SC.K.N.1.5, SC.1.L.14.1, SC.1.L.17.1, SC.2.L.17.1, SC.2.L.17.2, SC.3.L.15.1, SC.3.N.1.1, SC.4.L.16.2, SC.4.L.17.1, SC.5.E.7.2, SC.5.L.17.1, SC.6.L.15.1, SC.7.E.6.6, SC.7.L.17.3, SC.8.N.1.6, SC.912.L.15.6, SC.912.L.15.7, SC.912.L.17.1, SC.912.L.17.2, SC.912.L.17.3, SC.912.L.17.6