Dine with Orcas speciality dining experience at SeaWorld Orlando

Dine with Orcas

It's Orlando's most immersive and memorable family dining experience: Dine with Orcas.

Dive into Orlando's most immersive and memorable family dining experience. Dine next to our killer whales and watch the specialized care they receive daily in their home. Following your meal, you'll get an up-close view into the relationship shared between our animal care specialists and killer whales as you discover the unique characteristics of these majestic animals. Throughout your experience, you’ll learn about the small yet impactful measures we all can take to help save valuable ocean resources by enjoying sustainable foods and preserving natural habitats.

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  • Dine With Orcas

    Enjoy a delicious buffet meal at Dine with Orcas.

    Enjoy the most immersive and memorable dining experience in town. Discover what makes killer whales such unique animals, while also learning how to help save the ocean.

    Menu features sustainable, organic, seasonal or locally grown ingredients that aim to minimize environmental impacts to animals and their habitats. No preferred seating requests.

    Prices are subject to change without notice. Price does not include tax or gratuity. All events are subject to change and/or cancellation due to animal availability. Events are not cancelled due to inclement weather; programs will still be offered except in the event of lightning. Dine with Orcas at Orca Encounter will be refunded if cancelled 24 hours in advance of the scheduled dine. Children under 3 are free but require a reservation. A SeaWorld admission ticket is required but not included.

    Prices Starting at
    Adult (ages 10+) $31.00 /ea.
    Child (ages 3-9) $22.00 /ea.
    Infant (ages 0-2) $0.00 /ea.

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Cocktails in a souvenir cup

  • Tropical Tuttle Hurricane Rum, Pineapple Juice, Passion Fruit, Mango
  • Mako Margarita Tequila, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice
  • Sting Ray Sunset (Non-Alcoholic) Fresh lemonade, Orane Juice, Grenadine, Sprite


  • Benziger Family Winery, Living Coral, Hidden Sea


  • Living Coral Sparkling Moscato Rose
  • Full bottle of bubbles


  • Packaged beers Cigar City Jai Alai IPA, Orange Blossom Brewing Pilsner, Yuengling, Big Storm Wavemaker


  • House salad

Choice of:

  • Grilled chicken With sweet pineapple teriyaki sauce
  • Herb roasted beef With rosemary au jus sauce
  • Pan seared salmon With fresh Summer corn salsa
  • Served with Roasted Vegetables, Herb Roasted Potatoes, Saffron Rice, and Dinner Roll

Vegetarian Option

  • Creamy alfredo penne pasta With a side of roasted vegetables

Kids menu

  • Hot dog Served with Fresh Fruit and Macaroni and Cheese
  • Chicken nuggets Served with Fresh Fruit and Macaroni and Cheese


  • Yellow rice
  • Herb roasted potatoes
  • Roasted vegetables


  • Assorted dessert tray served tableside

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Wild Killer Whales

SeaWorld® helps support animal rescue efforts, with over 41,000 rescues and counting. The research conducted at SeaWorld® helps advance the global scientific community's understanding of animals.

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See Killer Whales up-close with a tour or a dining experience.

Dine with Orcas FAQs

Are there any unique dining experiences at SeaWorld Orlando that I shouldn't miss?

There are many dining experiences you should not miss out on at SeaWorld Orlando! The Dine with Orcas experience is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy a meal near the park's killer whales while learning more about them from a SeaWorld trainer. Also, dining at Shark's Underwater Grill offers an immersive experience where you can enjoy your meal surrounded by captivating sea life in the huge aquariums.

Can I use a discount dining pass for the 'Dining with Orcas' experience at SeaWorld?

The SeaWorld dining pass typically covers meals at various restaurants throughout the park, but does not include specialty dining experiences like 'Dining with Orcas'. However, SeaWorld offers specific discounts or promotions for animal experiences from time to time.

How many orcas are at SeaWorld Orlando?

Five orcas live at our SeaWorld Orlando theme park. Katina is the matriarch of our killer whales. Her daughter Nalani enjoys playing with her little brother, Makaio. Malia is a gorgeous female, who is fond of our puzzle-loving male, Trua. For an opportunity to see SeaWorld Orlando’s orcas up close, stop by Orca Underwater Viewing.

Orca FAQs

Do orcas eat sharks?

Yes, orcas are mighty predators who hunt even great white sharks. Orcas hunt in packs and surround the shark. Orcas feed on the shark’s liver and leave the rest of the shark for other fish. We keep the SeaWorld orcas well away from our Shark Encounter®.

Is an orca a whale or a dolphin?

Despite the common name of “killer whale,” orcas are the largest dolphins in the world, growing up to 30 feet long and weighing up to 16,000 pounds!

Where do orcas live?

Every ocean in the world has wild populations of orcas, and they thrive in arctic waters and tropical seas. Although rarely seen off the coast of Florida, you can see orcas at the Orca Encounter in SeaWorld Orlando. Meet one of these extraordinary animals in our Killer Whale Up-Close Tour.

Why do orcas jump out of the water?

In the wild, orcas often leap high out of the water while chasing their prey! This behavior is known as “porpoising,” which helps the predator jump on the prey. After a successful hunt, orcas often breach in celebration and play, leaping straight out of the water, sometimes crashing down on their sides. SeaWorld orcas display these same natural behaviors in the Killer Whale Up-Close tour in Orlando.