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OCEARCH Partnership

SeaWorld and OCEARCH are teaming up to bring the ocean to you. Through rescue, research, education and policy, we will increase our understanding of marine life to save species and their habitats. We bring these efforts to life right here in our park with attractions like Mako and Shark Wreck Reef, and we invite you to join the conversation - together, we can ensure an abundant ocean resource for future generations.

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OCEARCH Partnership Rescue


SeaWorld has rescued more than 40,000 animals, and through this partnership, the two organizations are expanding the knowledge of marine species to better protect them in the wild.

OCEARCH Partnership Research


SeaWorld and OCEARCH are working to share research on tagged animals to make that knowledge widely available and utilize this science to protect and preserve the ocean and marine animals.

OCEARCH Partnership Education


SeaWorld and OCEARCH are co-developing content that will educate students and inspire the next generation of explorers, scientists and stewards of the ocean.

OCEARCH Partnership Policy


Both organizations will continue their work to utilize the open sourced data from sampled and tagged marine animals to advocate for the protection of marine life.