Your Visit Makes a Difference

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute and SeaWorld

SeaWorld is proud to partner with the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute in a joint effort to save the world’s oceans and ocean animals. By sharing our knowledge, resources and passion for the sea, we make a real difference. And we need your help too!

When you visit any of our SeaWorld parks, your day of fun helps fund our conservation efforts. Come to SeaWorld and see all that’s new, from exciting rides to animal encounters. You’ll learn firsthand about SeaWorld’s commitment to rescue, rehabilitate and return animals to the wild. With over 39,000 animal rescues and counting!

Then take a spin on SeaWorld’s ocean-inspired coasters and rides. In Orlando, you can plunge down Infinity Falls - with its own freshwater ecosystem. In San Diego, ride the tide on the world’s first horizontal infinity-loop coaster Tidal Twister. This family-friendly thriller supports Rising Tide Conservation and its push for sustainable alternatives to collecting ornamental fishes from the world’s reefs.

With a SeaWorld Annual Pass, you can visit again and again for inspiring fun with world-class rides and amazing animals. Every thrill today helps ensure the ocean’s tomorrow.