Rescue at SeaWorld

Commitment to Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation & Return

With over 30,000 Rescues, SeaWorld Orlando continues our company’s commitment to rescuing and caring for marine animals.

SeaWorld's legacy of animal rescue spans more than 50 years. In that time, SeaWorld’s Rescue Teams have come to the aid of more than 30,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals in need, giving them a second chance at life. None of this would be possible without the continued support of our partner agencies, park guests, Pass Members, and dedicated team members, as well as the people across the globe taking action to protect these amazing animals and their habitats. Our teams are on call 24/7/365, partnering with multiple government agencies to rescue and help animals in need of our care.

Stay in touch with us or visit our parks, to learn more about how SeaWorld Orlando has contributed to conservation by rescuing manatees, dolphins, sea turtles and other animals.

A ticket with a mission

Your visit helps SeaWorld provide $10 million in donations and in-kind services every year for animal rescue and conservation efforts.

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Working in partnership with state, local and federal agencies, the SeaWorld Rescue Teams are on call around the clock to help ill, injured or orphaned animals in need of expert care.

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Sea Rescue team releases sea lions
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Animals Rescued

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    509 Cetaceans

  • sea lion

    7,789 Pinnipeds

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    2,201 Reptiles

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    19,820 Birds

  • manatee

    597 Manatees

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    185 Other Mammals

  • The animal rescue team is on call 24/7/365 at SeaWorld to help animals in need.

    When we say 24/7, we mean it!

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on the SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team? What about the overnight shift? Learn just what it takes to be part of this team. 

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No two cases are ever the same. Our inventive animal rescue and care experts have created prosthetics, healed cracked shells, invented specialized wet suits, nursed orphans around the clock and more.

Incredible Stories
Rescued seal release


Our goal is to successfully rehabilitate and return every animal to the wild. The small percentage of animals with conditions deeming them non-releasable are given lifelong care with us or at another accredited facility.

Inspiring Return Stories Visit non-releasable animals
Rescued sea turtle release

  • Amazing Release Stories

    During the summer of 2017, SeaWorld Orlando released Gale, a 725 lb pilot whale into the Gulf of Mexico.  After 5 weeks of rehabilitation and a 140 mile boat ride, this pilot whale gained a second chance at life thanks to the dedicated SeaWorld Rescue team.  Learn more about this story and others.