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Why Arctic Sea Ice is Important

December 5, 2017
Sea ice is melting and that's not good!

Walruses require seasonal sea ice as a place to rest between feeding bouts on shallow sea beds and as a safe place for mothers to rest and care for their calves. The Arctic has recently experienced extreme reductions in seasonal sea ice, which most scientists link to global climate change. Without sea ice, walrus populations may plummet for a number of reasons:

  • When sea ice is further from food resources, walrus mothers have a more difficult time finding enough food to sustain themselves and their calves.
  • Walrus mothers and calves must increasingly rest on rocky shores, sometimes with thousands of other walruses. If the walruses are startled, this can lead to increased calf mortality from walruses stampeding to the water.

It may seem like you can't make a difference, but the simplest change can cause a ripple effect. Remember to recycle, be smart when running water while brushing your teeth and doing the dishes and the most important step, spread the word. If more people were aware of this problem think of the benefits, combining all of the simple changes could make a huge impact!