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Hi there, Neighbor!

November 13, 2017
The Beluga Habitat at Wild Arctic now has new whiskered faces. Learn how you can see them up-close.

Beluga whales, Naluark and Whisper, have some new neighbors in their habitat that are too cute to miss. Next time you’re visiting Wild Arctic during your day at SeaWorld, be sure to say hello to resident Harbor Seals, Bumstead (pictured right) and Sturby (left) – the latest additions to the beluga habitat.

Bumstead and Sturby can now be found in the beluga habitat at Wild Arctic

Bumstead is 20 years old and one of his favorite snacks is squid. He is named after Dagwood Bumstead from the “Blondie” comic strip.

Bumstead is a 20 year old Harbor Seal

Sturby, Bumstead’s long-time pal, is also 20 years old and loves to showcase his behaviors.  One of his favorite treats is herring. Both Sturby and Bumstead were born at SeaWorld Orlando.

Sturby is a 20 year old Harbor Seal

Harbor seals and beluga whales are found in similar habitats around the world as they share comparable fish diets. These animals are natural neighbors, and so far they seem to be getting along swimmingly at Wild Arctic.


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