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Wild Arctic Welcomes First Walrus Calf

June 13, 2017

Just 10 days ago our Wild Arctic family welcomed a whiskered walrus calf. In the early hours of Saturday, June 3, Kaboodle gave birth to her first calf and the first walrus calf to ever be born at SeaWorld Orlando.  Kaboodle and her calf immediately began to bond and the pair remain close at all times, even snuggling with each other as they sleep.

Meet new walrus mother and her baby at Wild Arctic at SeaWorld.

Walruses are extraordinary creatures and our park’s walrus program plays an important role in educating guests about these amazing animals. While walruses are not yet listed as a threatened species, they have been affected by global climate change.

Kaboodle and her calf will soon inspire park guests to learn more about the plight of walruses in the wild.

Currently Kaboodle and her calf are not on display at Wild Arctic as they remain under 24 hour #WalrusWatch with the husbandry team to ensure both mom and calf continue to thrive and bond. For continuous updates on this calf be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat (SeaWorldFL).