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Vegetarian's Guide to Seven Seas Food Festival

April 6, 2021
It's the perfect time to try new flavors at this year's Seven Seas Food Festival.

When we say this year’s bigger-than-ever Seven Seas Food Festival has something for everyone, we really mean it. If you’re on a vegan or vegetarian diet (or just looking to add a bit of green or try jack fruit for the first time), there are plenty of delicious discoveries to be made. We even have an entire culinary market dedicated to plant-based cuisine! Get ready to exercise your taste buds, because we’re helping you map out a journey through a few of these new and exciting flavors. Check out the can’t-miss items here for your next visit to the festival:

Must-Try Vegan Items

NEW! Tempura Mushrooms & Green Beans
Miso Glaze & Furikake
(Vegan Market - #18)
Tempura Mushrooms and Green Beans
This is a great one for snacking! It’s a perfect mix of the crispiness of a traditional French fry and the nutritional value of a side of green beans.

NEW! Jack Fruit Sloppy Joes
Red Cabbage Slaw, Chipotle Emulsion
(Vegan Market - #18)
Jack Fruit Sloppy Joe
The jack tree is found in tropical regions. Its large fruits (up to 120 pounds) have a meat-like texture and a mild taste, ideal for absorbing any flavor you cook them with.

Balsamic Onion Jam, Crispy Jalapenos
(Vegan Market - #18)
Impossible Meat Slider
This is my favorite dish on today’s list. It’s a ground beef substitute (primarily made of soy and potatoes) that actually tastes like meat while being completely plant-based.

Must-Try Vegetarian and Pescatarian Items

NEW! Drunken Shrimp Tostada
Tomato Aguachile, Cilantro & Avocado Crema
(Mexican Market - #24)
Drunken Shrimp Tostada
Where are all my shrimp fans? This tasty new dish gives you just the right amount of flavor and crunch.

NEW! Mexican Roasted Corn
(Mexican Market - #24)
Mexican Roasted Corn
This is our take on a classic Elote dish, with the hardest part out of the way (no cobs here!).

NEW! Rigatoni
Braised Mushroom Cream Sauce
(Italian Market - #8)
Welcome to a classic Italian favorite. This is also probably one of the cheesiest dishes on our menu, perfect for cheese fans like me!

While you’re at our Vegan Market, try a taste of the Bold Rock hard seltzer from Virginia. You can also support a cause with a taste of "Save the Bees" Pinot Noir or “Save the Oceans” Sauvignon Blanc from Proud Pour Winery in Oregon.

You’ve already picked out which ones you want to try first, haven’t you? Just remember to take your time as you savor each of these great vegan and vegetarian options, because you never know when you’ll find a fresh new favorite.

Of course, these are just a handful of more than 200 distinct offerings, and there’s plenty of time to try them as this year’s event continues on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through May 9. Did you know this is the most items we’ve ever had, and it makes Seven Seas the biggest theme park food festival in Orlando? Be sure to check out our full menu and see for yourself! As always, we recommend grabbing a sampling lanyard so you can try any combination of unique food and drink samples from any of our Seven Seas Food Festival locations.

We have gone to great lengths to make your visit a safe one, including modified serving procedures, expanded areas of seating and high-top tables, and the ability to make touchless transactions at all festival locations. You can learn more about our enhanced health and safety measures here.

We hope to see you out at the Seven Seas Food Festival soon. Be sure to stay in the loop on everything happening at SeaWorld Orlando by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and right here on the SeaWorld Orlando Blog.