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Discover the Top 5 Kid-Friendly Foods at Seven Seas Food Festival

April 17, 2019
Have the kids join your taste adventure at Seven Seas Food Festival each weekend through May 5. Our Executive Chef has carefully selected the Top 5 foods that any kid will love to try.
Whether your little one has a savory or a sweet tooth, our Executive Chef has selected our TOP 5 foods that any kid will love to try at Seven Seas Food Festival happening on weekends through May 5:

1. Donuts Ice Cream Sandwich at Sweets Market
If we could define perfection with two ingredients, these would be Donuts and Ice Cream! Available in different fun variations, kids will sure love these fresh and tasty Donuts Ice Cream Sandwiches.

2. Lasagna at the Italian Market
Try our delicious and cheesy lasagna, prepared always from fresh ingredients and baked au gratin.

3. Bacon and Blue Mac and Cheese (No topping) at the All-American Market
This traditional American dish that is everyone’s comfort food and it only gets better at SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival, featuring tasty pieces of bacon and a savory hint of blue cheese.

4. Tres Leches Parfait at Pacific Coast Market
Skip the frosting and try this traditional Spanish dessert parfait style. Also called Three-Milk Parfait, this recipe is a dense and moist mixture of evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream.

5. Pão de queijo at the Brazilian Market (Gluten Free)
A delightful snack from Brazil made with tapioca flour and cheese. This unique and salty type of bread if fun to eat with a soft and elastic consistency.