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Shark Eggs Hatching Soon

February 2, 2018
We're getting ready for several shark eggs to hatch at any moment. Click here to learn more about why these sharks are so important!

At SeaWorld Orlando, we have several shark eggs that will hatch at any moment. Not only will these shark pups provide an incredible educational experience to our guests, they may be shared with other zoos and aquariums to help balance their ecosystems and provide healthy diversity.

The five shark eggs on display at Shark Encounter are among dozens laid naturally by the resident white spotted bamboo sharks at the park, a sign that SeaWorld veterinarian and reproductive specialist Gisele Montano says shows the sharks are well-adapted to their environment.

Jim Kinsler, the aquarium manager at SeaWorld Orlando, added that “breeding is a natural response to a favorable environment, which is great news since our efforts are focused on creating the most comfortable habitat for the sharks.”

When the white spotted bamboo shark pups are around six to eight weeks old (and five to six inches long), SeaWorld may find them a home at another zoo or aquarium.

“By working with other facilities to find the best home for animals like these soon-to-be shark pups, we can limit demand from unsustainable sources, such as wild populations,” said Kinsler.

Stay tuned to follow the shark pups as they get ready to hatch!