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SeaWorld Summer Camp? More like Summer CHAMP!

April 11, 2017
How to knock-out summertime boredom with win-win experiences for kids (and parents)

Summer is the season that every kid lives for – time to swap homework with bike rides, popsicles, pool parties and fireworks. Even with the seemingly endless stimulation of the season, your kids will inevitably hit a lull in the midst of their scholastic freedom. The solution for defeating summertime boredom? An adventure of epic proportions with an educational twist your child will actually enjoy – welcome to SeaWorld Summer Camp.

Get up close with Orcas at camp at SeaWorld

With several Day Camp and Resident Camp (overnight) options, there are so many experiences to choose from. For every kid, there’s a camp that will blow them away. Here’s a few quick picks, including Potential Parenting Victories for mom and dad:

For your picky eater: What’s for Lunch? Camp (2-3rd graders)

This weeklong day camp will teach your kiddo about the eating habits of the wild world with opportunities to serve up delicious treats to their favorite animals. Potential Parenting Victory: reminding your little critics that dolphins eat fish might motivate them to try your new salmon recipe.

For your pocket-sized partner-in-crime: Seafari Sea Camp (Pre-K)

Get some one-on-one time with your smallest explorer on this day camp adventure for two. Potential Parenting Victory: swapping out singing cartoon animals for the real deal.

For your too-cool-for-camp teen: Career Camp (Grades 7-9 & 10-12)

Three words: Swim. With. Sharks! Seriously, try to find a teenager who rolls their eyes at swimming with DOLPHINS and SHARKS in the same week! This resident camp has everything your budding marine biologist has been dreaming of. Potential Parenting Victory: getting your teen to admit that the coolest experience of their entire life was YOUR idea.

Swim with Sharks at camp at SeaWorld

Head over to our educational programs page to learn more about all of our camps. Space is limited – book today to save your child’s spot for camp and your spot in the Parenting Hall of Fame.