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Parent Profile: Garfield

June 14, 2017
Meet our proud walrus papa, Garfield.
  • Garfield was rescued in May of 1982
  • Garfield was an orphaned calf that was hand raised at SeaWorld Orlando 

Garfield is a staple at Wild Arctic and has called it home since its grand opening in 1995. Having been hand raised here in Orlando he is very well-known by the team. Garfield is one of the oldest and largest resident of the Wild Arctic habitat – he weighs more than both of the beluga whales!

Fun fact, Steve on our team has been with Garfield since the moment he arrived at the park.  Talk about an amazing 35 year relationship.

One of Garfield’s most distinguishing characteristic is his vocals. In total he has 9 distinct vocals ranging from roars to trumpets! His personality really comes to life when he vocalizes.