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Kaboodle, our female walrus, is expecting!

February 12, 2019
Did you know a walrus calf can weigh 100 – 170 pounds at birth? Read about Kaboodle’s pregnancy and learn some fun facts about walrus gestation.
The Wild Arctic team at SeaWorld Orlando is excited to share some news - Kaboodle, our adult female walrus, is expecting her second calf later this spring. Our walrus family of Kaboodle, Garfield, Ginger, and Aku is growing, AGAIN!

Walruses have the longest gestation period of all pinnipeds, which also includes seals and sea lions. Their gestation period is sixteen months long. This is due to a delayed implantation of the embryo, which can last up to four months. Pinnipeds have this delayed implantation to ensure that their calves are born at the perfect time of year. This time of year is normally in the spring or early summer when there is an abundance of food available.

The calves weigh anywhere from 100-170 pounds when they are born. Like all mammals, they breathe air. This allows them to stay on land before they learn to swim. But don’t worry - they learn to swim very quickly with the help of mom and all of the other walruses.

Kaboodle has an amazing team here at Wild Arctic. These team members are working closely with our veterinarians to monitor her pregnancy, including routine ultra sounds. With all pregnancies there can be difficulties, but so far everything is looking good! Follow SeaWorld Orlando on Facebook and Instagram for updates in the next few months, and we’re looking forward to this bundle of joy arriving this year!

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