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Infinity Falls Brings Awareness to Freshwater Conservation

October 4, 2018
Learn about the inspiration behind SeaWorld’s first freshwater-themed river raft attraction, Infinity Falls, and its connection to our freshwater conservation work.

Infinity Falls, SeaWorld Orlando’s first freshwater-themed river raft attraction, is now open to the public, sporting the tallest drop ever for its category, at about three stories high. Guests will be taken on a jungle-themed excursion, twisting through water rapids lined with natural-looking rockwork, ducking under bridges and dodging waterfalls before finally sliding down a steep, 40-foot drop.

While the ride is sure to give guests a wet and wild thrill, did you know that the inspiration actually came from SeaWorld’s freshwater conservation work?

This past April, SeaWorld and Coca-Cola announced a joint $100,000 donation through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, in partnership with The Everglades Foundation, to support a freshwater replenishment project with Audubon Florida. According to Audubon scientists, dramatic changes have been happening in the region’s water resource availability where the visible drying effect has negatively affected local drinking water and wildlife habitats for many animals that call the Everglades home.

SeaWorld’s project with The Everglades Foundation and Coca-Cola is helping to replenish an estimated 37 million gallons of water in Naples, Florida, providing much-needed aid for freshwater ecosystem conservation efforts.


“While SeaWorld is traditionally known for its ocean conservation efforts, we recognize the importance of the delicate freshwater ecosystems that feed into our oceans, and the need to educate our guests about this intricate connection,” said John Reilly, CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment. “Our mission with Infinity Falls is to look beyond the sea and share with our guests an experience that’s inspired by our conservation work with important partners like Coca-Cola, Audubon Florida and The Everglades Foundation.”

Freshwater Conservation

It’s all part of SeaWorld’s Park to Planet mission to provide guests with experiences that matter, where you can truly See it Here (at Infinity Falls), Save it There (in America’s Everglades). Learn more about the partnership by watching the video below. Your visit to our parks supports these conservation efforts, so come experience this exciting new freshwater adventure for yourself and get inspired to save America’s Everglades at SeaWorld Orlando!


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