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Diving Into the Conservation-Focused Sharks Grill Special Menu

January 30, 2023
Stop by Sharks Grill at SeaWorld Orlando during our 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival to enjoy a menu inspired by the residents of Shark Encounter.
SeaWorld Orlando’s premier dining event, Seven Seas Food Festival, comes with many flavors inspired by regions around the world. Your tastebuds will delight in 27 culinary and beverage locations throughout the park. But did you know Sharks Underwater Grill also offers a special menu during this limited-time event? If you’re a fan of sharks, you’ll want to check out these themed menu items. I sat down with Executive Chef Vargas to get a deeper understanding of his inspiration behind these amazing creatures and how they tie into his menu creations.

As Executive Chef of Sharks Underwater Grill, Chef Vargas finds inspiration everywhere. His daily strolls through the Shark Encounter tunnel have led him to create special seasonal menu items that tie into the waters that these creatures call home. Many sharks are considered endangered or critically endangered, and having a conservation-inspired menu is just another way for our guests to learn about these amazing animals.

Lobster and Shrimp Cake with a Caribbean remoulade and salsa verde
For the seasonal appetizer, Chef was inspired by our new great hammerhead shark. According to the IUNC, these animals are critically endangered with their populations continuing to decline. They are nomadic predators that are often found throughout many of the world’s oceans but also around lagoons and the warms waters of the Caribbean Sea. The appetizer is a Caribbean-flavored lobster and shrimp cake with a Caribbean remoulade, salsa verde, and micro-rainbow salad.

As you travel through Shark Encounter, you’ll see the slow methodical swimming of our resident sand tiger sharks. Considered critically endangered, they are found throughout the world in many oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. The Sharks Underwater Grill seasonal entrée item is inspired by these roots. It is a succulent, slow-cooked, grilled chicken and shrimp tagine with a light stew of vegetables basted in aromatic Mediterranean spices served with jasmine rice.

Chocolate Mousee Marquise
The Sharks Underwater Grill seasonal dessert is a chocolate mousse marquise with raspberry and pecan coulis topped with an edible gold leaf. The gold is inspired by Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico, which is home to another Shark Encounter resident: the sandbar shark. True to its name, it is found in muddy or sandy coastal waters. This dessert’s gold elements will glisten in the light as the sandbar sharks swim by your table.

Each of these seasonal menu items can be purchased a la carte alongside your favorite Sharks Underwater Grill items. All the ingredients used in the seasonal menu are sustainably sourced and responsibly fished. Learn more about Sharks Underwater Grill today and come see us during our Seven Seas Food Festival.