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Swim Alongside Some Baby Dolphin Facts

August 3, 2018
What is a baby bottlenose dolphin called? How much do they weigh? Find the answers to questions like these and much more from SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Nursery here.
What is a baby bottlenose dolphin called?
Although they're commonly referred to as "cuties" by all who adore them, baby bottlenose dolphins are actually called "calves." Male dolphins are called "bulls," females are called "cows," and a group is a "pod."

What is the size of a baby bottlenose dolphin?
Calves are born between 39 and 53 inches long, and weigh between 22 to 44 pounds of pure underwater adorableness.

Baby Dolphins
How long does a baby bottlenose dolphin stay with its mother?
Calves stay under mama's watchful eye between 3-6 years, learning how to hunt, avoid danger and navigate their territory.

What does a baby bottlenose dolphin look like?
A dark or bluish-gray cover the top while the underbelly of these babies are a pale-gray or white. Their blowhole also serves as a nose on top of their strong, streamline-shaped bodies. In front is their famous bottlenose, or beak, and behind is a horizontal fluke.

Baby Dolphins
What does a baby bottlenose dolphin eat?
The average baby dolphin will nurse on their mother's milk for several years. They eventually wean off their mother's milk as they learn how to survive off catching fish.

How do baby bottlenose dolphins defend themselves?
Similar to how other animal groups defend their young, baby dolphins swim in the middle of the pod so the adults can protect them from predators like killer whales and sharks. As if the pod of private security wasn't enough, adult dolphins also swim above and slightly to the side to help propel baby dolphins in their wake, saving the babies a lot of energy while swimming.

How are baby bottlenose dolphins born?
Baby dolphins are typically born tail first so they don't drown before they're able to take their first breath. Like underwater birthings weren't already stressful enough.

Baby Dolphins
It's one thing to read about these amazing babies, it's quite another to experience them first hand. Visit our SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Nursery and witness these dolphins' beautiful coming-of-age stories unfold before your eyes as they play and interact with their mothers.