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Aquatica Cabanas are a must have

May 3, 2017
Comfort, privacy, and snacks! Reserving a cabana is a great way to create a home base for your family at Aquatica.

Looking to add a home base to your next visit to Aquatica? Let me tell you about my must-have when visiting this amazing park! When I visit Aquatica all I pack is my sunscreen (#1 on the list here in Florida!) and my cabana confirmation number. That’s right – I upgrade to a cabana every visit.

Why do I add a cabana every visit you ask? Well it all starts with the basics … what’s included:

  • An all-day locker (Great peace of mind!)
  • Rental Towels (No you do not get to take them home, but that also means you do not have to travel home with a wet & sandy towel #winning)
  • Ceiling fan (Might not seem important until you get that nice Florida humidity cooking come 3 p.m. in the afternoon)
  • Private refrigerator with bottle water … that’s right 12 bottles of water INCLUDED

And of course there are more benefits! In addition to everything I listed above you also have your own PRIVATE cabana (literally the absolute best) and you receive a 20% discount coupon for merchandise. So the moral of this post is … the next time you are planning a visit to Aquatica be sure to reserve your own private cabana!

Check out my latest Facebook Live video to see a sneak peek of the cabanas.