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DIY: Yuengling Traditional Lager Battered Fish and Chips

August 31, 2020
Bring the flavors of SeaWorld's Craft Beer Festival to your dinner table with our step-by-step Fish and Chips recipe featuring Yuengling Traditional Lager
Orlando's premier Craft Beer Festival is back to spoil your taste buds every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Nov. 1! Flavor connoisseurs, take note: This event features more than 20 delicious food items and over 100 local and domestic beers for you to enjoy. Reservations are required, so we recommend you make yours early here.
Want to bring the flavors of the festival home? Put on your apron! Here is an exclusive Craft Beer Festival recipe for our Yuengling Traditional Lager Battered Fish and Chips, straight from our SeaWorld and Yuengling culinary geniuses:
Yuengling Traditional Lager Battered Fish and Chips 
Fresh filets of beer-battered fish served with chips and tangy lemon tartar sauce 
Serves 4 to 5 
2 qt.                    Vegetable or canola oil 
1.5 lb.                   Fresh cod, tilapia or preferred white, firm fish filets cut into 4- to 5-oz. goujons 
½ lb.                    Seasoned flour (2 cups all-purpose flour + 2 tsp salt + pinch of white pepper to taste)
3 cups                 Beer batter (See Yuengling Traditional Lager Batter Recipe)
A pinch               Salt         
As needed         Thick-cut potato fries (chips)
1 each                  Lemon (cut into wedges) 
Cooking Directions
1.       In a heavy-bottom pot or fryer, heat the oil to 325 degrees F.
2.       Prepare seasoned flour using the recipe below.
3.       Dredge the fish in the flour to coat both sides. Shake the excess flour off.
4.       Prepare Yuengling Traditional Lager Batter using the recipe below.
5.       Dip the fish in the batter to cover completely. Shake off excess batter.
6.       Carefully place the fish in the oil and cook until golden crisp (about 8 minutes).
7.       Remove the fish from the oil and shake off the excess. Place onto a tray or plate set with a rack or paper towels.
8.       Season with salt immediately and hold warm until all pieces are cooked and ready to serve.
9.       Serve with lemon wedges, tangy tartar sauce and crispy fries or chips.

Yuengling Traditional Lager Batter Recipe
2 cups                 Yuengling Traditional Lager 
1 cup                    Carbonated water (sparkling)
2 cups                  All-purpose flour 
1 cup                    Corn starch 
1 tsp.                     Salt 
A pinch               White pepper ground
1.       In a large bowl, combine the Lager and carbonated water.
2.       Slowly while whisking, add in the all-purpose flour and corn starch in 4 to 5 batches until well mixed with no lumps.
3.       Add in the salt and pepper. Then stir to mix.
4.       Set aside until ready to use.

Lemon Tartar Sauce Recipe
2 oz.                     Capers 
2 oz.                     Gherkins 
1 cup                    Mayonnaise
1 each                  Lemon, juiced, fresh
2 oz.                     Parsley, fresh chopped
2 oz.                     Cilantro, fresh chopped
1 tsp.                    Salt 
A pinch               White pepper ground

1.       Place the capers and gherkins in a food processor and pulse to chop (should be rough chopped, not pureed). 
2.       Place the capers and gherkins and remaining ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix well until combined.
3.       Set aside until ready to serve.

Potato Fries / Chips Recipe
2 qt.                      Vegetable or canola oil 
1 ½ lbs.                 Potatoes (Russet or Idaho)
2 oz.                      Salt 
1.       Wash and scrub the potatoes and cut them into 4 planks lengthwise. Then cut the planks into sticks.
2.       Place into a bowl with enough cold water to cover until ready to cook.
3.       In a heavy-bottom pot or fryer, heat the oil to 325 degrees.
4.       Strain the potatoes from the water and pat dry with a paper towel to remove some of the excess moisture. 
5.       Working in small batches, carefully drop some of the fries into the oil and cook until golden crisp (about 8 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the cut). Do not overcrowd.
6.       Remove the fries from the oil and shake off the excess. Place onto a bowl or plate set with paper towels.
7.       Season with salt and serve immediately.
Bon appétit! We hope you enjoy the flavors of SeaWorld and Yuengling in the comfort of your home, but we also hope you’ll join us at our Craft Beer Festival this year! We have gone to great lengths to make your visit a safe one, including modified serving procedures, expanded areas of seating and high-top tables, and the ability to make touchless transactions at all festival locations. You can learn more about our enhanced health and safety measures here.
We hope to see you out at the Craft Beer Festival soon. Be sure to stay in the loop on everything happening at SeaWorld Orlando by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and right here on the SeaWorld Orlando Blog.