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NEW! Passport to Summer

The more you visit, the bigger the rewards you’ll unlock!

Now through June 30

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The more you visit, the more you get rewarded!

Pass Members surf through summer with us!
This summer, your Pass Member visits to SeaWorld Orlando unlock special access to enhanced park rewards.

Each park visit gets you closer to the ultimate Summer reward:
FREE Dinner for 2 at Sharks Underwater Grill

Number of Visits
Now - June 30
Earn All These Pass Member Rewards
2 One FREE Bag of Popcorn
8 One Day FREE Reserved Seating at Park Presentations
Based on availability and only valid at Orca, Sea Lion and Dolphin.
15 One FREE Animal Encounter - Dolphin or Penguin
Based on availability.
20 One FREE All-Day Dining
30 One FREE Dinner for 2 at Sharks Underwater Grill
Based on Availability. Alcohol, tax, and gratuity not included.

Fireworks above SeaWorld Orlando entrance

1. Visit SeaWorld Orlando

Come play the summer day away with experiences like the ALL-NEW Pipeline, the world’s first surf coaster, opening May 27, and amazing events such as Summer Spectacular featuring all-new entertainment, shows, fireworks and more!

Pipeline The Surf Coaster

2. Collect Your Vouchers

Visit one of our Self-Service Kiosks at Manta, Flamingo Gift Shop, Ice Breaker, Infinity Falls, Journey to Atlantis, Kraken and Pass Member Lounge to print out one Passport visitation voucher a day. Be sure to hold on to your vouchers!

Penguin Encounter tour at SeaWorld Orlando

3. Redeem For Extra Rewards

Once you hit each level, redeem your collected visitation vouchers for your Passport to Summer reward at the Pass Member Lounge.

  • Start visiting now and earn ALL the rewards this summer!

    Re-entries do not count as additional visits.

Passport to Summer FAQs

What is Passport to Summer?

It is a new program for SeaWorld Orlando Pass Members. The more you visit, the more you get rewarded.

Who is eligible to participate?

SeaWorld Orlando Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Florida Platinum Pass Members.

How do I participate?

Visit SeaWorld Orlando from May 17 – June 30, 2023. Visit a self-service kiosk to print a visitation voucher on each visit. Be sure to hold on to your voucher. Redeem your visitation vouchers for rewards as you reach each level. Start visiting now and earn ALL the rewards this summer.

Where are the kiosks located at SeaWorld Orlando?

Pass Members can use the self-service kiosks at Manta, Flamingo Gift Shop, Ice Breaker, Infinity Falls, Journey to Atlantis, Kraken and the Pass Member Lounge to print out one Passport visitation voucher a day.

Do visits before May 17, 2023 count towards Passport to Summer?

No, only visits to SeaWorld Orlando from May 17, 2023 – June 30, 2023 count for Passport to Summer.

Can I save all 30 visitation vouchers and redeem all my rewards at once?

No, Pass Members need to redeem their visitation vouchers as they reach each reward level. Every time you redeem a new reward level, you will receive a new voucher with your Passport to Summer status.

When do the rewards expire?

All visits must be completed from May 17 - June 30, 2023. Reward expirations vary by product.

Popcorn Reward: Expires 9/30/23

Reserved Seating Reward: Expires 9/30/23

Animal Encounter Reward: Expires 12/1/23

All-Day Dining Reward: Expires 9/30/23

Dinner for 2 at Sharks Reward: Expires 11/1/23

Can reward expirations be extended?

No. Rewards need to be redeemed by the expiration date.

What if my Annual Pass expires before I can redeem my rewards?

You must have an active Annual Pass to participate in Passport to Summer and to redeem any earned rewards.

Can I give my vouchers to someone else to redeem for me?

No, as visitation is tied to each Pass Member barcode and is not interchangeable.

Do I have to pay tax and gratuity if I earn the “Dinner for 2 at Shark’s Underwater Grill” reward?

Yes, tax and gratuity are not included in the Dinner for 2 reward. Alcohol and beverages are also not included. Dinner for 2 at Sharks Underwater Grill includes one appetizer, two entrées, and one dessert.

Does my guest for the “Dinner for 2 at Sharks Underwater Grill” need admission to the park?

Yes, even guests of Pass Members must have SeaWorld Orlando admission.

What if I lose my voucher?

Lost or stolen vouchers for visitation and rewards cannot be replaced. Please be sure to keep them in a safe place.

What happens if I don’t get to 30 visits? Can I redeem for other rewards? For example, if I only visited 25 times, can I use the remaining 5 rewards for 2 bags of popcorn?

You cannot get multiples of the same reward. It is one per SeaWorld Orlando Pass Member. You can earn all five rewards if you visit 30 times from May 17 – June 30, 2023.

Can I combine visits with other Pass Members to reach the reward levels?

No. Visitation is per Pass Member and cannot be combined with other Pass Members for rewards.

Can I only get rewards for visiting SeaWorld Orlando or do other park visits count toward this promotion?

You can only get these rewards for visiting SeaWorld Orlando. However, other parks may have a similar program. Please check their websites for details.

Can I earn all of the rewards or do I have to save my visitation for just one?

Pass Members can earn all of the rewards.

Does my visitation start over each time I reach a reward level?

No. Once you reach a reward level, you will be given a voucher with the number of visits you have accumulated so far. You then turn that voucher in with your future visitation vouchers to reach the next reward level. This is repeated until you reach 30 visits.

If I visit more than 30 times can I participate in the program again from the start?

No. Rewards can only be redeemed one per Pass Member.

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  • Passport to Summer: Available for active SeaWorld® Orlando Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Florida Platinum Pass Members. Not valid for Fun Card, Florida Teacher Card, Preschool Card, or Friends & Family Pass. All rewards are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice. See website for full reward details. Re-entries do not count toward daily visit. Pass Member must hold on to all accumulated visitation vouchers in order to redeem at a future visit. Cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Passport to Summer visitation voucher redemptions must be completed by June 30, 2023. Rewards have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for other products. Reward expiration dates vary. Other restrictions may apply.