Girl at the Manta Aquarium

Manta Aquarium

The Manta Aquarium invites you to share in the wonders and mysteries of the sea. A unique 360-degree pop-up aquarium puts young visitors right in the center of the undersea activity.

With 10 unique, naturalistic aquariums inhabited by more than 3,000 marine animals, you don’t have to be a coaster enthusiast to experience your own personal connection to the magnificent underwater world of rays and other species like the giant Pacific octopus and sea dragons.

  • Family Friendly
    Family Friendly
  • Indoor
  • Dolphin
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  • Manatee

  • Accessibility

    This is a walk-through exhibit with access to all areas.
Tropical Fish

Rising Tide

SeaWorld has been working with researchers and companies to help protect coral reefs and wild tropical fish populations by increasing the availability of aquacultured marine ornamental fish species in the aquarium industry.

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