See young dolphins play at the Dolphin Nursery at SeaWorld Orlando.

Dolphin Nursery

Watch mother dolphins and their calves at the Dolphin Nursery.

Nothing draws a crowd quite like a newborn—especially when the baby is a bottlenose dolphin. The Dolphin Nursery is a great place to introduce kids to the beauty of life in the animal world from its very first chapters. Watch as dolphin calves practice jumping, playing, and communicating with their moms and other newborns through clicks and vocalizations.

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Save the Vaquitas

The world's smallest porpoise is in trouble, with population estimates of less than 30.  Learn what SeaWorld is doing to raise awareness to save the vaquitas, and what you can do to help. 

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Did you know the vaquita population has decreased 94% since 1997?

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    This is a walk-through exhibit with access to all areas.