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  • SeaWorld Inside Look Event Orca Care and Research

    Killer Whale Research

    Meet-the-Expert Area

    The powerful and majestic killer whale is the largest animal in our care. You'll learn how our care and research is being utilized to aid J50 in the wild. J50 is an emaciated and ailing three-year-old killer whale, who is part of the critically endangered Southern Resident population.

  • Inside Look Event Animal Health Center

    Animal Health & Water Systems

    Special Access Behind-The-Scenes Area

    You'll have the special opportunity to tour the animal hospital, laboratory and rescue center where you'll learn how we feed 16,000 animals each day, see how we x-ray a bird or get blood samples from a dolphin and more.

    The animals in our care reside in more than 13 million gallons of fresh and salt water. Each species receives their specific water temperature and quality needed, thanks to a team of professionals working around the clock.

    This is an active, working Rescue Center. There is a strong possibility you will witness the care of stranded animals. SeaWorld is privileged to rescue and return hundreds of ill, injured and stranded animals each year.

  • SeaWorld Inside Look Sea Otter Care and Conservation

    Sea Otter Care & Conservation

    Special Access Behind-The-Scenes Area

    SeaWorld's sea otters were all rescued, deemed non-releasable and play an important role in the future of the species. Your animal care specialists will describe how we meet their daily needs and enrichment challenges, detail the surrogate otter program and more.

  • SeaWorld Inside Look Event Explorer's Reef

    Explorer's Reef

    Special Access Behind-The-Scenes Area

    Explorer's Reef is home to a variety of marine life in diverse environments. Aquarists maintain both saltwater and freshwater habitats, meet a diverse set of dietary needs, and maintain optimum water quality and temperature for all the fish, sharks and crabs in their care.

  • SeaWorld Inside Look Event Flamingo Care

    Flamingo Care

    Meet-the-Expert Area

    SeaWorld's dedicated team of aviculturists (professionals who care for birds) will be on hand to share flamingo breeding successes, care and husbandry. A visit here will answer questions you've always wondered, such as why do Flamingos stand on one leg and why are some pink?

  • SeaWorld Inside Look Event Sea Lion and Otter Care and Behavior

    Sea Lion and Otter Care & Behavior

    Meet-the-Expert Area

    Known for their antics and expert moves, sea lions are carefully reinforced through a positive reward system. Our team will explain the different approaches and learning styles of otters and sea lions so you can understand how we shape behavior through small steps.

  • Turtle Reef

    Turtle Talk- NEW

    Meet-the-Expert Area

    Aquarists will introduce you to our sea turtles at Turtle Reef

    • Just how do our aquarists maintain a 300,000 gallon aquarium on a daily basis?
    • Learn how we use enrichment to stimulate the turtles to explore their habitat.

    Did you know that all species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered? Find out how the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is helping sea turtle conservation worldwide.

  • SeaWorld Inside Look Event Dolphin Care and Behavior

    Dolphin Care & Behavior

    Meet-the-Expert Area

    Their perpetual style, quick movements and incredible agility make dolphins a favorite marine mammal. You'll learn how positive reinforcement is used to shape behavior and our behaviorists will take you through the H.E.L.P.R.S. philosophy of care.

  • Beluga Whale

    Beluga Care & Conservation- NEW

    Meet-the-Expert Area

    The Arctic is a fragile and unique ecosystem. Learn about the adaptations belugas have to help them overcome these challenges. Climate change is greatly affecting belugas' wild habitat and you’ll be inspired to care about these conditions after you have a close encounter with these blubbery mammals.

  • SeaWorld Inside Look Event Penguin Care and Research

    Penguin Care & Research

    Meet-the-Expert Area

    Get the chance to meet professional penguin keepers and learn what it takes to create an Antarctic penguin colony in sunny San Diego, from daily husbandry to rookery development to habitat maintenance.

  • SeaWorld Inside Look Bird Rescue & Water Systems

    Bird Rescue and Conservation

    Special Access Behind-The-Scenes Area

    Visit the Oiled Wildlife Care Center, home of our Bird Rescue Program, where you'll be introduced to several feathered friends and hear more about SeaWorld's part in a breeding and re-introduction program.

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