• Inside Look Orca

    Orca Open House

    This first-ever walkthrough experience takes guests along the sky walk, through the amphitheater, by the fish house, along Dine with Orcas and ends at the underwater viewing area where guests can view our multi-species habitat and have questions answered by Education Ambassadors.

    LOCATION: Orca Encounter Skywalk
    TIMES: 10:30 A.M -12:00 P.M

  • Inside Look Dolphin

    Pilot Whale and Dolphin Presentation

    We are excited to introduce guests to our rescued pilot whales and our new baby dolphins. Learn more about the inspiring day-to-day care that our dedicated team provides for our whales and dolphins here and how it benefits animals in the wild.

    Click here for show details. 

    LOCATION: Dolphin Amphitheater

  • Inside Look Sea Lion

    Sea Lion Rescue Story

    Get inspired by our all-new Sea Lion rescue story. Learn about rescue, rehabilitation and animals who have been given a second chance at life!  Hear from our experts and meet a few of the Sea Lions who have found their forever home right here at SeaWorld.


    Click here for show details.

    LOCATION: Sea Lion and Otter Amphitheater

  • Inside Look Humboldt Penguin

    Rescue Area And Humboldt Penguin

    This is a special access behind-the-scenes tour to 3 areas. Guests will sequentially tour all 3 areas through one entrance.Learn more about a “warm-weather” species of penguin and about conservation successes and challenges, the Humboldt. See the animal care and rescue center where the veterinary team performs examinations, procedures and surgeries. Sneak a peak in our veterinary laboratory where all of our animal diagnostic samples are processed and studied. 

    LOCATIONS: SeaWorld Rescue, Veterinary Hospital & Humboldt Penguins
    TIME:  12:00 P.M - 3:00 P.M


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