• Halloween Spooktacular

    Trick-Or-Treat Bag Policy

    Please join us in our efforts to protect our seas by bringing a reusable bag or Halloween bucket from home for treats. You can also pick up a resuable bag at the park (see image) for as little as 99¢ at any park gift shop. When you do, 5% of each bag purchase will go directly to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. Please do not bring plastic bags for trick-or-treating and team with us to protect animals and the environment.
  • Halloween Spooktacular


  • Halloween Spooktacular

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  • Halloween Spooktacular

    Dia de los Muertos

  • Clyde and Seamore's Big Halloween Bash

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    Who Said Boo?! Show & VIP Experience
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    Manta Madness

  • Halloween Spooktacular

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