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Amazing Animals

  • Aquaria Touch Pool Anemone

    Aquaria Touch Pool

    Remember those tide pool creatures from science class, like leathery sea stars and spiky sea urchins? Get an up-close view of them at Aquaria Touch Pool.

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  • Aquaria World of Fishes Clown Fish


    Get an up-close and personal look at the incredible variety of marine life at SeaWorld San Diego

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  • Dolphin Point SeaWorld San Diego

    Dolphin Point

    Observe the lyrical movements and playful antics of bottlenose dolphins from just inches away at Dolphin Point.

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  • Explorers Reef Touch Pools SeaWorld San Diego

    Explorer's Reef

    Just inside the park entrance, you’ll find your first real amazing opportunity to interact with sea life at Explorer’s Reef, home to several species of reef sharks.

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  • Ocean Explorer Animals

    Ocean Explorer Animals

    Meet some of the sea’s most secretive residents, from the quick-camouflaging giant Pacific octopus to eerie moray eels to the massive Japanese spider crabs — the largest in the sea.

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  • Orca Underwater Viewing at SeaWorld San Diego

    Orca Underwater Viewing

    See orcas up-close like never before with underwater viewing.

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  • Otters

    Otter Outlook

    Located right next to Dolphin Point, Otter Outlook is home to four playful California sea otters rehabilitated and hand raised by SeaWorld through a cooperative effort with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program.

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  • Pacific Point

    Penguin Encounter

    Spend some time with some of our park’s coolest characters.

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  • Sea Lions and Seals SeaWorld San Diego

    Sea Lion Point

    You'll know you're close to Sea Lion Point when you hear the chatter of these social sea lions and seals.

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  • Shark Exhibit SeaWorld San Diego

    Shark Encounter

    Enter into an amazing underwater viewing tunnel and watch as sharks of all shapes, colors, and sizes pass by you.

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  • Turtle Reef SeaWorld San Diego

    Turtle Reef

    View loggerhead, hawksbill and green sea turtles—some more than 50 years old—plus thousands of tropical fish.

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  • Wild Arctic

    Wild Arctic

    Get up close to walruses and beluga whales in your journey through the wild Arctic.

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  • Orca Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego

    Orca Encounter - New Presentation

    Witness live natural orca behaviors up close from our playful orca family while an expansive infinity screen brings their story to life.

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