Animals at SeaWorld San Diego

Animals at SeaWorld

Presentations & Activities

Enjoy award-winning, educational animal presentations and exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy, including Sea Lions Live, Orca Encounter, Dolphin Adventures, and a variety of seasonal shows.
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  • Belugas at SeaWorld San Diego

    Beluga Whales

    See these graceful and social arctic animals as they chase each other playfully, and exhibit a great deal of curiosity toward humans in the underwater viewing area.

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  • Walrus at SeaWorld San Diego


    Walruses spend about two-thirds of their lives in the water, in temperatures ranging from about 5° to 41°F! These huge pinnipeds are highly social in nature, and weigh up to 4,000 lbs!

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  • Emperor Penguin


    Spend some time with some of our park’s coolest characters.

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  • Sharks at SeaWorld San Diego


    Enter into an amazing underwater viewing tunnel and watch as sharks of all shapes, colors, and sizes pass by you.

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  • Flamingos at SeaWorld San Diego


    Experience the magic of our friendly and flamboyant Flamingos in one of the most scenic areas of the park.

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  • Harbor Seals at SeaWorld San Diego

    Harbor Seals

    Make a visit to Sea Lion Point and say hello to our adorable harbor seals. The least vocal of all seals, you're likely to find them happily sleeping on rocks, enjoying the sunshine.

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  • Orca


    Come face-to-face with these majestic animals like never before with underwater viewing.

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  • Dolphins at SeaWorld San Diego


    Observe the lyrical movements and playful antics of bottlenose dolphins.

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  • Bat ray at SeaWorld San Diego

    Bat Rays

    Named for their two pectoral fins that are often refereed to as wings, watch these bat rays glide gracefully through the water.

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  • Aracari at SeaWorld San Diego

    Curl-Crested Aracaris

    These small and colorful toucans are named for the shiny, curled black feathers on the top of their head.

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  • Macaws at SeaWorld San Diego


    Be amazed by the colors of these highly-social and engaging tropical birds.

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  • Moray Eel at SeaWorld San Diego

    Moray Eels

    Not as scary as they’re made out to be, watch these bony fishes wiggle through jagged caves and rocky crevices.

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  • Pilot Whale

    Pilot Whales

    Pilot whales are a member of the toothed-whale family, like dolphins and killer whales. All two of the pilot whales at SeaWorld San Diego were stranded and rescued by the SeaWorld Orlando rescue team.

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  • Turtles at SeaWorld San Diego

    Sea Turtles

    View loggerhead, hawksbill and green sea turtles—some more than 50 years old—plus thousands of tropical fish.

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  • Watch Magellanic Penguins Feed at SeaWorld San Diego

    Magellanic Penguins

    Found in warmer climates, these vocal and sun-loving penguins love to soak up the warm San Diego sun.

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  • Sea Lions and Seals SeaWorld San Diego

    Sea Lions

    You'll know you're close to Sea Lion Point when you hear the chatter of these social sea lions and seals.

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  • See Sloths at SeaWorld San Diego


    See if you can spot our sloths hanging upside down high in the trees, which is where they spend most of their life.

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  • Otters

    Southern Sea Otters

    Otter Outlook is home to our playful California sea otters rehabilitated and hand raised by our team at SeaWorld.

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  • Orca Encounter at SeaWorld San Diego

    Orca Encounter

    Witness live natural orca behaviors up close from our playful orca family while an expansive infinity screen brings their story to life.

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