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Seven Seas Food Festival Best Eats and Treats

February 28, 2023
SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival is back with over 200 brews, drinks, and eats. Experience amazing flavors and concerts from well known artists, now through May 7.
The Seven Seas Food Festival is back, and its coming with over 200 distinct flavors and offerings. From the tropical tastes of Polynesia to the spice infused flavors of the Caribbean, there will be something for everyone in the family at this year’s festival. Here are my top 5 food items at this year’s festival.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts
1. Crispy Brussels Sprouts
This delectable offering is my favorite at this year’s festival. What may seem like an underdog, this dish will be sure to delight. Lightly Crisped sprouts, roasted in an applewood bacon vinaigrette, and tapped with slivered almonds. You can find this one at booth 6, the All-American Market near Voyager’s Smokehouse. Uncle Sam would be proud of this dish, indeed.

2. Italian Cannoli
At the most heartwarming market this year, you’ll find an incredible dessert. This cannolo is just what you want- infused with mascarpone vanilla cream, topped with a cherry and pistachio crumb on each end. You’ll think you’re in the heart of Italy as you’re indulging this on the shores of SeaWorld’s large central lake. Find this one at booth 11, Italian Market at Lakeside Patio.

3. Bay Scallop
Don’t be underestimated by the simplicity. The bay scallop may be the cover dish of the event- it really speaks to the powerful flavors of the sea. This scallop is served with tricolor couscous, and red quinoa. That’s it! See for yourself how incredibly delicious this simple dish is at booth 14, the Mediterranean Market in front of Nautilus Theater.

4. Guinness Beef Stew
Calling all comfort food lovers! This bee stew is traditional, yet tender. The beef is combined with sweet potatoes and roasted root vegetables, which bring an incredible flavor to this dish. Cozy up with this bowl of stew before heading to nearby Orca Encounter - you’ll be glad you did! Irish Market is booth 18, located after Infinity Falls on the way to Orca Encounter.

Mexican Street Corn
5. Mexican Street Corn
Last but certainly not least, over at the Mexican market, take a flight into signature Mexican cuisine with this street corn. This corn is not what you think. This corn is grilled, topped with quiso fresco and cilantro avocado crema, and garnished with tajin seasoning. All this brings some incredible flavors to this simple vegetable. You’ll never eat corn on the cob again after trying this! Mexican market is booth 23, located next to the Beer Garden.

The Seven Seas Food Festival is SeaWorld’s Premier food event, and one of the best in Orlando. After trying these 5 offerings, be sure to try the rest! You won’t forget it. Make sure to buy a sample lanyard for maximum savings, and to ensure you can experience all the flavors of the sea at this year’s festival. The Seven Seas Food Festival is happening now on select dates through May 7. We will see you soon! Bon Appetite!