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Little Known Mother’s Day Fact

May 5, 2017
Meet Lorraine, the small but mighty mom at Discovery Cove.

Over the last couple of years I’ve learned so much about the animals that call our parks home and in celebration of Mother’s Day I wanted to share a little known fact about a small but mighty mom! While exploring Discovery Cove you might remember spotting seven Geoffroy’s marmosets, but did you know they are all related? That’s right all seven are actually a tight knit family. The social structure is quite simple (and a perfect topic for Mother’s Day) there are six siblings and then of course mom. 

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Lorraine (aka mom) is 16 years old and kept quite busy with her six kiddos Maggie, Nala, Quizno, Reggie, Bonnie and Clyde.  This is the normal social structure for a Geoffroy’s marmoset as everyone plays a very important role between taking care of younger siblings, looking out for predators and of course foraging for food. Often times you will find offspring that stay with their family social group their entire life.

Sometimes I wish I could stay with my Mom just like Maggie, Nala, Quizno, Reggie, Bonnie & Clyde!