Online Account Help

Guidelines and instructions to making your online account and accessing Pass Member offers.

Common Questions about Online Pass Member Accounts

Who can use the Pass Member website?

All active Pass Members (EZpay and Full paid) and expired pass members with a US zip code.

Note: Until their Pass has been renewed, expired Pass Members will not have access to all the information on the website. Currently, non-U.S. Pass Members aren't able to access the website.

What’s available to Pass Members on the website?

Exclusive Pass Member benefits are unlocked through the website, which include:

  • Products at discounted prices
  • Exclusive offers
  • Offer renewals
  • EZpay account access
  • Pass benefits and monthly reward lists 

How do I access the website now that I've bought a pass?

Once you have your pass barcode, please visit the account sign-up page,(if you don't have an account with us), enter your email address and fill out the requested pass information. Please see Registration Instructions below for more information. If you do have an account, please login and click the "Add a Pass" button to import this pass to your profile.

I have a Pass for multiple SeaWorld Parks. Do I need to create a profile on each website?

Only one profile is needed for multi-park Pass Members. Once created, the same profile can be used across all SeaWorld Parks Pass Member websites, including:

• SeaWorld Orlando 
• SeaWorld San Antonio
• SeaWorld  San Diego
• Busch Gardens Williamsburg
• Busch Gardens Tampa
• Aquatica Orlando 
• Aquatica San Diego
• Aquatica San Antonio
• Adventure Island Tampa
• Sesame Place 
• Discovery Cove
• Water Country USA Williamsburg


I'm having trouble logging in with my email and password.

In the field below, enter your zip code and 16 digit Pass barcode to gain access to your account.

Pass Member log in with Barcode

I have multiple Passes on my account. Can I redeem offers for the other Passes?

Of course. Pass Members are able to access offers for other Pass Members on their account. For limited offers per Pass Member, you can redeem that offer for a separate Pass Member in your household by signing up for the Pass Member website with their separate email address and barcode for the individual Passes or by following these steps.

1. Go to

2. Log in using the barcode and zip code for the other Pass in your household and click on submit.

Registration Restrictions: Any Pass Member  under the age of 13 may not register an email address to their barcode or save any profile information. However, they still have access to certain renewal offers for their Pass when logged in. Redeem renewal offers with a child’s Pass, the Pass Members and/or their family members by logging in using their barcode and zip code in the field shown above.

Why can’t I update my profile?

If logged in using your zip code and barcode, you won't be able to update any profile information. Use these steps to easily update your account information:

  1. Sign up using your email and password
  2. Visit a ticket window at our park
  3. Call 407-545-5550 

I have an expired Pass (close to expiring) and want a new one, what do I do?

Log onto the Pass Member website and click the Renew Your Pass button and select a renewal offer. Use your expired Pass' barcode and zip code to sign up  on the Pass Member website if you didn't before. Once you've signed up, click on the Renew Your Pass button.

I just bought a Pass and I want to link it to my previous Pass Member profile.

Any new Pass purchased on a park website, front gate or over the phone will not be automatically tied to a previous online profile; however, you can login to your account & add those to your profile using the "Add a Pass" box in your account page (as long as they have not already been attached to another profile). Only Passes purchased through the online renewal offers will be automatically linked to your profile.

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Go to SeaWorld Orlando’s Pass Members Log In.

Step 2: Type in your email address or the email address you used if previously signed up on our website.

Pass Member log in with Barcode

Step 3: Create a password that is 8 characters long, including at least 1 number, 1 uppercase letter, and 1 lowercase letter. If you've already created an account, simply enter the email and password used before.

Step 4: Enter the Pass barcode. Remember: the barcode is 16 digits that begin with the letter "A" at the bottom of the pass. 

Pass Member log in with Email

Step 5: Use the zip code connected to the credit card that was used to purchase your Pass.

Common Questions about EZpay Accounts

I need to update my credit/debit card. What do I need to do?

You can manage and update your debit and credit cards online now with our EZpay management system!

Step 1:  Login with your username and password or create a account with your Pass
    -- (NOTE: a barcode/zip code login does not provide sufficient security to manage your EZpay account).
    -- If you already have an account, click “add your pass” once logged in to update your account with pass(es) desired

Step 2:  Click on the “EZpay” tab

Step 3:  On the left side, after a listing of your EZpay Passes, you’ll see a link to update your card, among other helpful items

Step 4:  Click the link to update your card information and then enter the desired information on the following screen

If you have a past-due amount (because the prior card was expired), you can pay that balance to become current also.

I have a past-due balance I need to pay - how can I get current & access my benefits?

You can now pay past-due balances with our EZpay management system!

Step 1:  Login with your username and password or create a new account with your pass
    -- (NOTE: a barcode/zip code login does not provide sufficient security to manage your EZpay account).
    -- If you already have an account, click “add your pass” once logged in to update your account with Pass(es) desired

Step 2:  Click on the “EZpay” tab

Step 3:  On the left, after a listing of your EZpay passes, you’ll see a link to pay past-due amounts, among other helpful items

Step 4:  Click the link and confirm the information in the pop-up


If you need to update your card info (e.g. because the card on file has expired), you can manage that on the page as well.

I would like to end my Pass or modify the type to a different Pass type. How can I do so?

We certainly hope your intent is to change the type of your Pass and not cancel it entirely!

  • If you want to change to a different pass:

Please contact our call center at 407-545-5550.


  • If you want to cancel your Pass:

First, we request you have no outstanding/overdue payments: please Login with your email & password (note: your barcode/zip code is insufficient for managing your account), then click the EZpay tab and scroll down to pay off your “commitment amount”.


Next, while logged in, visit to request your cancellation. An email will be sent to you after filling out the request, for confirmation of your cancellation and effective dates. Please note that there are no partial refunds when cancelling a pass if not converting into a new one.

I'm not seeing all the Passes on my account, how can I see them?

On the EZpay tab, you will see all Passes attached to your credit card on file. 

  • There may be some rare cases where multiple cards were used over the years and you don't see an active Pass here.  If so, please login to the account used to manage those EZpay Passes and update the credit card to the current one on file with your main account.

On the Account tab, you will see all Passes currently associated with your profile. 

  • If you purchased other Passes on a separate transaction online (or at the park), they will not show here by default; however, you can add those to your profile using the "Add a Pass" box as long as they have not already been attached to another email.

If you don’t happen to see an expected account after logging in, please use the option to login with barcode/zip code for the Pass in question – you’ll still be able to access the benefits and other information relevant to that Pass by logging in that way!

Are there any current Pass Member offers?

If you’re a current Pass Member, you can login with your account (or barcode/zip code) to see the current benefits and offers available to you right now.

If you are not yet a Pass Member, please check out the Annual Pass pages for additional information about the amazing offers and benefits we have for you, all throughout the year!

What benefits are included with my EZpay Pass?

The benefits for EZpay Passes are the same as their standard pass counterparts!  Please see the Annual Pass pages on this site - there you can find a list of benefits, pricing information, and other important information.

I'm having trouble logging in

Please be sure you have a current Pass (typically starting with the letter “A” and followed by 11-15 digits). If so, you can use the barcode/zip code (the billing zip code used when you purchased the Pass) to login.

  • This will allow you to do everything EXCEPT manage your EZpay account.

If you would like to use an email/password for easier login in the future, please use the Sign up link, and use the “I have a Pass” button when creating your account with a new email/password.

  • If you forget to attach your Pass when creating your account, don’t worry, you can still add it later after logging in!