2020 Teacher Fun Card

Free park admission to Southern California & Arizona certified K-12 classroom teachers with a complimentary Teacher Fun Card

SeaWorld San Diego is proud to offer a complimentary Teacher Fun Card plus (2) free Single-Day Tickets to all active and certified K-12 Southern California and Arizona credentialed school teachers.

The registration deadline for the 2020 Teacher Fun Card Program is June 30, 2020. First park visit must occur on or before June 30, 2020 in order to activate card.

Blockout dates include: May 25, 2020, July 4, 2020, July 11, 2020, July 18, 2020 and July 25, 2020.


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Who is eligible for the SeaWorld San Diego Teacher Card offer?

SeaWorld® San Diego is proud to offer a complimentary Teacher Fun Card to all active and certified K-12 Southern California and Arizona grade school teachers who hold a current Teaching Credential. The 2020 Teacher Fun Card is valid for unlimited admission to SeaWorld San Diego through December 31, 2020. Blockout dates apply.

How can I register for a 2020 SeaWorld San Diego Teacher Card?

To take advantage of the offer, you must register through ID.me. Verification can only be completed if K-12 Southern California and Arizona grade school teachers are currently on the Department of Education database. Eligible teachers can begin the process by verifying through the ID.me content area on this page. After entering your credentials, you will be redirected to the ID.me page to log in, and then be returned to the SeaWorld San Diego website where you can claim your offers.

I’m a private school teacher. Am I eligible?

Yes, K-12 private school teachers are eligible. You must provide the following items to the Tickets & Reservations counter at the front gate in order to receive your Fun Card: a letter from your principal on official school letterhead stating that you are a teacher, a California or Arizona Picture ID and a current pay stub. The ambassadors at Tickets and Reservations will verify your eligibility and provide you with your SeaWorld San Diego Teacher Fun Card and (2) Single-Day Tickets.

How will I receive my tickets?

After you are verified through ID.me, you will need to access SeaWorld's website and complete the ticketing process. After this process is complete, your tickets and Teacher Fun Card eVoucher will be emailed to you. You must redeem the Teacher Fun Card eVoucher at the park in exchange for your Teacher Fun Card.

What are the deadline(s) for this promotion?

Online registration for the 2020 Teacher Fun Card and (2) free Single-Day Tickets begins January 2020 and ends June 30, 2020. The eVoucher for the Teacher Fun Card must be redeemed at the park by June 30, 2020. 

The (2) free Single-Day Tickets must be redeemed at the park by December 31, 2020.

Does the Teacher need to be present to redeem the SeaWorld San Diego Teacher Card or can someone else redeem the eVoucher?

To redeem the Teacher Fun Card, the teacher must be present to redeem the Fun Card themselves in order to protect their identity and their Fun Card.

Which Internet browser versions does Teacher ID support?

Teacher ID.me best supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. For optimal user experience, it is recommended to use a home computer. Work computers (with outdated browsers or Internet Explorer) or mobile devices provide an unsatisfactory experience.

I'm trying to add tickets to my cart but I keep receiving an error message. What do I do?

Either you have already claimed tickets for the year or it's a browser/mobile device issue. Please refer to the last question for browser information.

I received my tickets via email but accidentally deleted the original email. How do I get my tickets again?

Completed orders can be viewed within the SeaWorld account you created during the checkout process (if you created one). This SeaWorld account is separate from your ID.me account, however you may have used the same email address and password. If you did not create a SeaWorld account, then you will need to contact SeaWorld customer service and provide the email address entered to receive your tickets and they will be re-sent.

What if I am having trouble validating my status with Teacher ID?

For assistance with verification you may contact ID.me in several ways.

ID.me Support Page: https://help.id.me/

Email: [email protected]

Chat with a live agent by clicking the “Need Help?”

Contact Us Tab on the ID.me web pages

or (866) 775- 4363

ID.me Technical FAQ

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After logging in with the id.me system, I’m seeing the login page for the park, instead of my offers, do I need to login here too?

This most often happens for one of three reasons

  1. You are accessing a different offer than id.me has you qualified for (for instance, you’re accessing the “Active Duty” offer page, when id.me has you registered as a Veteran or Retiree.Id.me can assist in this case. Their verification support website is: https://help.id.me/hc/en-us/articles/202858654-Verification-assistance-general-support

  2. You started your process somewhere other than the park offer page to verify with id.me (either on their site, or on an external page).You must start your journey by using the buttons on the offer page on the park site that you want to access offers for.

  3. You have other id.me tabs or are logged into the park site already. The easiest way to continue is to open a single “incognito” window on your browser (In Chrome:Control+Shift+N;in Safari: the “Private” tab) - then come back to the park offer page & try verifying with id.me through the links again.

I've logged in successfully and see your “offers” page -- but there are no offers there?

This could be a few different issues:

  1. You took advantage of the promotion already at some point in the past year and will be able to once again in the next period, please see the promotion details for more information.

    NOTE:  If you are merely trying to find your tickets from your earlier purchase, you should have them in email, or alternatively by logging into the account you ordered from last time (IF you created a password/account).  Otherwise, you can contact us to look up your order & resend.

  2. We may be experiencing an error in our link with id.me. Please try again in 30 minutes and if still unable, use our contact us form to give us as much details as you can!

  3. We might have made a mistake!  Please contact us as above with your details (affiliation, offer, id.me email, browser, and any other relevant details to help us assist).

During Checkout for *my* offer, it says “guest name” – does this mean I can bring an extra guest with me?

We apologize for any confusion here: No. As our special guest, this is meant to YOUR name that will appear on your voucher.

Certain promotions, like Active Duty military, may also have options for dependent tickets – however, you will select a quantity for these and be prompted for each additional guest name as separate entries during checkout.

Can I exchange or trade-up my item for a pass?

Please review the terms for each offer.  In most cases, this promotional product cannot be exchanged or transferred, unless explicitly stated.

HELP! I accidentally got my tickets for the wrong park/location. How do I fix it?

Tickets obtained with the Active Duty Military offer are valid at any participating park. If you obtained the Teacher offer for the incorrect park, please contact us for assistance.

Who else can I bring – what if they’re not immediate family?

Each offer page (active duty, veteran/retired, teacher, first responder, etc.) have individual terms for that offer; please read the details for each for eligibility requirements about the offer for which you’re eligible.  Every attendee will need a ticket/card, so be sure you have the correct quantity selected to account for every member of your party!