Dolphin Days

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Important Park Update

SeaWorld San Diego is operating as a theme park. Per state restrictions, attendance is generally limited to California in-state visitors. Fully vaccinated persons from out-of-state can visit the park if they show proof of a fully completed COVID-19 vaccine. To adhere to capacity guidelines, and for the health and safety of our animals, employees and guests, reservations and proper face coverings are required to enter the park. Starting June 15, SeaWorld San Diego will return to usual operations with no COVID-19 restrictions, including current restrictions for out of state visitors. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) recommends that people attending certain public occasions be fully vaccinated, obtain a negative COVID-19 test beforehand, or wear a face covering.

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  • Ignite Fireworks

    Ignite Fireworks

    End your day at SeaWorld with a spectacular fireworks presentation happening 15 minutes prior to park close.

  • Let's Play Together show at SeaWorld San Diego

    Let's Play Together!

    Come have a play date with your Sesame Street friends, and enjoy a heartwarming show all about the beauty of friendship! The show is full of good times and will always bring back fond memories—especially when the audience gets in on the act. Join Elmo, Grover, Abby Cadabby, Rosita and Cookie Monster as they play, sing, and dance while learning all about the wonderful things that friends do together.

  • Animal Rescue Scavenger Hunt at SeaWorld San Diego

    Animal Rescue Scavenger Hunt

    Purchase a SeaWorld Animal Rescue sticker map at The SeaWorld Store. Mark each blank spot on your map with the correct rescue sticker as you discover each location throughout the park. ​

    • Activity
    • Scavenger Hunt with Prizes
  • Count von Count at SeaWorld San Diego

    Sesame Street Meet-and-Greets

    Enjoy physically distant photo opportunities with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends.

    • Character Meet-&-Greet
    • Photo Opportunity
  • Sea Lions Live at SeaWorld San Diego

    Sea Lions Live

    Sea Lions Clyde and Seamore, and their mischievous co-host, OP Otter, are together again to create a family favorite presentation filled with laugh-out-loud and educational fun!

    • Presentation
    • See Animals
  • Dolphin Days

    Dolphin Days

    Get introduced to our family of high-flying Bottlenose Dolphins and the amazing team that care for them as they show off their incredible athleticism and celebrate life.

    • Presentation
    • See Animals
  • Orca encounter

    Orca Encounter

    Connect in a whole new way with the ocean's most powerful predator.

    • Presentation
    • See Animals
  • Watch Magellanic Penguins Feed at SeaWorld San Diego

    Watch Animal Care Specialists Feed Magellanic Penguins

    Watch our amazing animal trainers feed Magellanic Penguins while they answer some of your questions about these amazing animals

    • Activity
    • See Animals
    • Trainer Talk
  • Turtles at SeaWorld San Diego

    Watch Animal Care Specialists Feed Sea Turtles

    Watch our amazing animal trainers feed Sea Turtles while they answer some of your questions about these amazing animals

    • Activity
    • See Animals
    • Trainer Talk
  • Cirque Neon Glow

    Cirque Neon World

    Cirque Neon World is an astounding theatrical production that features a mixture of circus skills, dance, and breathtaking athletic stage performance connected with world-beat music, elaborated sets, brilliant costumes, and sensational makeup. Select dates starting in July.

  • Club Sea Glow

    Club Sea Glow

    Get the excitement started with high-energy music as our DJ leads an all-ages dance party beneath the waves. The DJ will keep you moving all night, leading up to the start of our Ignite fireworks finale. Enjoy plenty of space to spread out and feel the music at Club Sea Glow!

  • Electric Floating Act

    Electric Floating Acts

    Meet imaginative characters, artists, acrobats and entertainers roaming all throughout the park. You will be amazed at what you see, hear and feel! Select dates starting in July.

  • Brass Band

    High Voltage Brass Band

    In the style of Stomp and Blast, you’ll be immersed in musical spectacle and motion ranging from techno-pop to rock and jazz. These energized performances will have you mesmerized and captivated from the very first note!

  • fireworks

    Ignite Fireworks

    Surf the wave to a whole new level with Ignite, a fireworks spectacular that brings the brilliant colors of the sea to the skies above the park. The fireworks can be seen from all around SeaWorld’s 100+ acre park.

  • laser reef

    Laser Reef Light Show

    SeaWorld San Diego caps off the night with a canopy of laser beams that submerges guests below in rays of color and a powerful soundtrack.

  • rock concert

    Static Shock Rock Show

    Covering pop, rock, Latin and R&B hits through the decades, this band’s captivating, high-energy, electric performances and magnetic vocals will have you swept up in the tide of music memories!

  • Stephen Fishwick

    Stephen Fishwick's Art Attack!

    World-renowned artist and entertainer Stephen Fishwick takes you into the world of live performance painting, a high-energy and fascinating display of art, music and story-telling! Join him on a journey of creativity and a celebration of life, as he masterfully creates his vibrant work.