Dolphin Days

Shows & Presentations

  • Rudolph's Movie Experience

    Rudolph's Movie Experience | New

    Playing daily at Mission Bay Theater during SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration (Nov. 17-Jan. 6), Rudolph and his friends star in this special effects movie that will get the entire family in the holiday spirit.

  • Sea Lion Christmas Special Show

    Clyde and Seamore's Christmas Special

    Join Clyde & Seamore as they host a fun nighttime television Christmas Special.

  • Dolphin Island Christmas

    Dolphin Island Christmas

    Celebrate the Christmas season Island-style with our dolphins and pilot whales in this tropical holiday treat.

  • O Wondrous Night

    O Wondrous Night, A Christmas Story | SeaWorld San Diego

    SeaWorld brings the Nativity and the meaning of Christmas to life through song and celebration.

  • Dolphin Days

    Dolphin Days

    Join our dolphin and pilot whale family as they show off their athleticism – and playfulness – in this favorite new show. Plus, hear what inspires their trainers.

  • Orca Encounter

    Orca Encounter

    Witness live natural orca behaviors up close while an expansive infinity screen brings their story to life.

  • Sea Lions Live

    Sea Lions Live

    If the sea had an ambassador of fun, it’d have to be the sea lion. See what comics Clyde & Seamore are up to next in their family-favorite TV and music spoofs.

  • Sea Rescue

    Sea Rescue

    The award-winning Sea Rescue tells the stories of marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and return to the wild by the dedicated SeaWorld Rescue Team and partner organizations.

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