Sesame Street® Bay of Play® Attractions

Sesame Street Bay of Play is filled with family-friendly rides like Elmo’s Flying Fish, Oscar’s Rocking Eel and Abby’s Sea Star Spin.
  • Abbys Sea Star Spin

    Abby's Sea Star Spin

    Get ready for some magical whirling, twirling fun on our version of the classic, spinning teacup ride. How much you spin is up to you. You're in control with the wheel at the center of your starfish-inspired riding cup.

  • Elmos flying fish at seaworld san diego

    Elmo's Flying Fish

    Hop on the fins of an Elmo fish as it swims its way up, down and all around through an imaginary ocean.

  • Oscars Rocking Eel

    Oscar's Rockin' Eel

    Spin and slide from side to side on the back of Oscar the Grouch's eel pal! Hang on as he spins and slithers you along on a family-friendly adventure.

  • SeaWorld San Diego Sesame Street Bay of Play Cargo Nets

    Net Climb

    Explore this three-story high attraction by climbing nets, crawling through tunnels, and swinging on discs. There are eight different areas to enter/exit the attraction.

  • SeaWorld San Diego Sesame Street Bay of Play Splash Pad

    Splash Pad

    Everyone will enjoy this interactive water splash play area.

  • SeaWorld San Diego Sesame Street Bay of Play Air Bounce

    Air Bounce

    This huge bouncy house is a great way to bounce off some energy while taking a break from the heat. The play area is completely covered and shaded.

  • SeaWorld San Diego Sesame Street Bay of Play Tide Pool Climb

    Toddler Mat

    This brightly colored soft play area is perfect for our youngest guests. Made for kids five-years-old and younger, this shaded area also features a seating wall for parents so they can watch as their kids do what they do best – PLAY!