Emperor Roller Coaster at SeaWorld San Diego

Emperor Hazy IPA Beer

Created in Partnership with Mike Hess Brewing of San Diego
Available only at SeaWorld San Diego

In celebration of the all-new Emperor dive coaster, we’ve partnered up with renowned local craft brewery Mike Hess Brewing to create a delicious, custom beer fit for IPA royalty. Available only at SeaWorld, the all-new limited release Emperor Hazy IPA celebrates one of the most anticipated coasters of 2022 by USA Today - Emperor. Dive into pineapple, mango and citrus hop flavors that will throw your senses for a loop, while knowing that you are contributing to conservation and research efforts - a portion of Emperor Hazy IPA proceeds will be donated to Penguins International.

Emperor Hazy IPA beer can
About Emperor Hazy IPA

Emperor Hazy IPA is a 7.0% ABV delicious and citrus-forward Hazy India Pale Ale, a relatively new style of IPA in which the vast majority of the hops added to the beer are added at the very end of brewing, leaving all the bitterness out, and causing two desirable effects: first, a massive, citrusy aroma from the beer and, second, an interaction between the hop's lupulin compounds and the beer's grains creating a smooth haziness appearance to the beer.

Emperor Hazy IPA is crafted with water, barley, wheat, and oats, as well as Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops. And, like all Mike Hess Brewing's beers, Emperor Hazy IPA is crafted to reduce gluten, so even guests who are gluten-intolerant may enjoy this ale.

Emperor Hazy IPA is currently only available for purchase at SeaWorld San Diego at all park locations where beer is served, both canned and on draft. Stay tuned for other custom collaboration brews coming in the near future!

Emperor Penguins
Emperor Hazy IPA Partners

Mike Hess Brewing: SeaWorld and Mike Hess Brewing have partnered on custom brews for the park since 2015. The first, a fruit-forward IPA was created with the addition of real grapefruit juice to their popular Solis IPA brand. The beer, SeaWorld Solis, was an instant hit with guests and after its limited time at SeaWorld, and due to its popularity, the beer hit bars and grocery stories later that Summer. Grapefruit Solis was the number one brand for the brewery for over two years. Mike Hess Brewing has been an active beer supplier at the park for over six years, participating in events such as Seven Seas Food Festival and the new Craft Beer Festival when it debuted in 2021.

Penguins International: While enjoying the great taste of the new brew, guests can feel good about their beverage selection. Through SeaWorld’s continued partnership with Penguins International, a portion of the proceeds from Emperor Hazy IPA will be donated to penguin conservation, education and research efforts.

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