Journey to Atlantis Ride

Ride and Attraction Schedules

SeaWorld San Diego is open year-round. For the safety of our guests, attractions occasionally close for improvements and general maintenance. Every effort is made to reopen attractions within a timely manner. Please check the signs at the entrance to our parking lot as well as our main entrance area for the most updated information regarding attraction closures. The current schedule is below.

Ride & Attraction Closures

  • Skytower


    Currently closed.

  • Shipwreck Rapids

    Shipwreck Rapids

    Currently closed.

  • Tentacle Twirl

    Tentacle Twirl

    Currently closed.

  • Bayside Skyride

    Bayside Skyride

    Currently closed.

  • Abby's Sea Star Spin ride

    Future Ride Closure Dates

    Electric Eel Sept. 3 - 5
    Riptide Rescue Sept. 9 - 13
    Tentacle Twirl Sept 16 - 20
    Aqua Scout Sept. 23 - 27
    Octarock Sept 30 - Oct. 4
    Shipwreck Rapids Nov. 4 - 15
    Electric Eel Dec. 2 - 13

Exhibit Closures

  • Aquarium de la Mer

    Aquarium de la Mer

    Currently closed until Summer 2019.