A boy looking at an octopus

Ocean Explorer Animals

Meet some of the sea’s most secretive residents, from the quick-camouflaging giant Pacific octopus to eerie moray eels to the massive Japanese spider crabs — the largest in the sea.

Ocean Explorer Animal Exhibits Crabs

Encounter gentle giants

There is no creepy crawler on land or sea larger than the Japanese spider crab. With a wing-span north of 9 ft. (3m) from claw to claw, they may look seriously scary, but in fact have a gentle temperament, and are truly one of the great wonders of the sea.

Ocean Explorer

Discover a master of disguise

You might think it’d be easy to spot any animal with “giant” in its name. But look again. The giant Pacific octopus is a quick-change artist, able to blend in with its surroundings and cleverly conceal itself from predators and prey – maybe even you.


See eye to eye with an eel

As you venture through Ocean Explorer™, keep an eye out for California moray eels. While their fearsome, fanged faces look anything but friendly, as an explorer you’ll get to see that mouth-breathing is just how these shy snakelike predators are built.