SeaWorld San Diego Howl-O-Scream Zombie

Howl-O-Scream Haunted Houses

  • Circus of the Damned

    New! Circus of the Damned

    An evil ringmaster seeking to restore his cursed Circus of the Damned to its former glory is looking for new performers. Avoid his condemned crew and escape the big top before you’re forced to join them!

  • Area 64 Logo

    New! Area 64: Alien Outbreak

    Darkness and decay set the stage after you sneak through the fence and enter Area 64: Alien Outbreak. Evade lethal security, mad scientists, and terrifying extraterrestrials who refuse to be contained.

  • Nightmare Experiment

    Nightmare Experiment

    This lab's secret project has descended into chaos, with the experiment's subjects driven into their worst nightmares by the sadistic staff. You could end up as the next volunteer, if you can't find an escape before The Doctor finds you.

  • Simons Slaughterhouse

    Simon's Slaughterhouse

    The meat-packing plant has been taken over by the animals. Simon the Butcher has you in his sights. What other horrors are hiding in this grisly maze? Unless you can navigate your way through, you will be the next specimen. Simon says…the only way out is through the butcher’s blades. Simon says…RUN!

  • Death Water Bayou

    Death Water Bayou

    The air is heavy with a stifling, muggy heat. Drowsiness overcomes you as you’re beckoned deeper into the bayou. Something is lurking among the gravestones and voodoo dolls…hands of the cursed, reaching out in desperation. Wake up and get out now, before you fall victim to the horrors of the Swamp Witch too.